Cash Back on your Online Holiday Shopping (or any online shopping!)

I recently discovered a site I have to tell you guys about for no other reason than that I'm getting some GREAT deals!  I was a bit skeptical at first so I waited until all of my things went through before I shared  this.  I am not being paid to post this or have any reason too (although if you sign up through my link I can get referral bonuses! And I love it so I'm sharing).

I'm talking about Ebates

Have you guys heard about this yet?  I do a lot of my holiday shopping online.  Its a drive to the nearest city and I have three small kids...... so online shopping is huge for me.  This year I decided to give something new a try because Ebates offered me a $10 gift card if I made a purchase through their site (which directs you directly to the store of your choices website so your safe just like you would be purchasing from i.e.. Best Buy or Target directly).  

I chose I would want a Target card as reward for my first purchase, placed an order through Ebates at the store of my choice, and in a couple weeks there was my $10 gift card!  Plus I earned cash back on my purchase (amount varies by store).  I again waited to make sure I would actually get this money (you can choose to have it mailed by check or paid by paypal).  I chose Paypal and voila, there was a payment made to me shortly thereafter.  

So now I'm hooked.  And I'm passing the word along to anyone looking for great online deals with a bit of cash back and even some rewards! 

Right now to keep up with the holiday madness a lot of the participating stores (which is every store I have wanted to shop at so far) are offering even more cash back and special deals through Ebates.  Check it out!  There is no cost to join and you don't enter any payment information.  Just shop as normal and get some money back!  

Happy Holidays! 

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