It's all about the sparkle!

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You have seen all the commercials lately on how the price of gold is through the roof and now is the time to bring in your old jewelry for some serious cash, but I bet you haven't realized how that may mean something completely different for those shopping for jewelry! I'm not a huge fan of yellow gold, naturally I fawned over platinum options when we shopped for my engagement ring ten years ago, but ten years ago it wasn't nearly as feasible as it is right now.

I know some of you are rolling your eyes saying "hello! recession?!" BUT hear me out.  No, not all of you are in the market for jewelry right now.  But I happen to be attending several 2012/2013 weddings and when it comes to bridal jewelry you have to think of investment.  What other thing in your life are you going to wear every single day for years to come?  NOTHING!

So what makes Platinum so feasible right now?  Yes, it's still more expensive than gold, BUT as the price of gold has risen, the gap between the price difference has closed and it's less of a stretch with a lot more bang for your buck to make the upgrade.

A few facts about Platnum-

  • Platinum is a naturally white metal, meaning it will never fade or change color, or need to be dipped or re-plated.
  • Platinum’s pure color means that it won't cast any color onto the diamonds or colored gemstones it holds, allowing the stones to shine brighter than in any other setting.
  • Platinum is the densest precious metal (meaning it's strong, and will keep your stones safe and secure as well as hold up to all the wear and tear of everyday use).
  • All of the great jewelry houses like Tiffany and Cartier only use platinum for engagement ring settings.
  • Platinum loses very little metal to scratching or everyday wear; instead the metal is simply displaced on the ring’s surface, causing the ring surface to strengthen through work hardening.

I wish I had known these things when we purchased my husband's wedding ring.  He's in construction so his ring shows a lot of wear almost 9 years later.  Perhaps it may be time to consider making the upgrade.

If you are interesting in learning more about the benefits of Platinum check out precious platinum's "Why Platinum" section for tons of great information.


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  1. If your hubby gets a new one does that mean you can too? ;)

  2. Jennifer, I suppose that's only fair LOL. Actually we upgraded mine a few years ago but someday perhaps I can go platinum!

  3. Platinum is such a precious metal. But it's really high end and I couldn't afford it. I even get to sell gold jewelry for cash when times get tough.

  4. If that's the kind of spinner rings my partner would give me, I would not bat an eyelash to say the mystical yes. Wishful thinking...

  5. I definitely agree, it's all about the sparkle in deed. Thanks.
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  6. I sometimes find it hard to believe that something so plain and white can be more valuable than gold bars. Does the sparkle really add that much more to it?