DIY Nail Transfers

This morning I came across this image on Pinterest and fell in love.

I had also just happened to have gotten a new dark base color that I wanted to try out so off I went!  I tried using the floral colors with a toothpick to dab on some flower like shapes..... it was an EPIC FAIL!

Back to the drawing board.... I tried to look up nail transfers hoping to find these.  I have never purchased the transfers in the past because I feel they are overprices... but I loved these enough to give it a shot.  Couldn't find them.  The closest I came was another version on Mod Cloth that was out of stock.  BUT in the process I came across this video on making your own transfers.  It uses clear plastic to make your design on.  Which means I can set it on top of an image I like and attempt to trace paint it.  I googled for some images of vintage fabric and wall paper.  I think I will try some of these.

Here is the video.  I will let you know how it works out for me! 


  1. Hey !I don't know if you're still looking for the exact same nails transfers ,but they are available at sephora (http://www.sephora.fr/Maquillage/Ongles/Nail-Patch/Nail-Patch-Art-Vernis-Motifs-Imprimes/P438028?bl=Maquillage%7COngles%3AC345_Ongles_SephoraSelection%3A1 ) :)

  2. Hi! So I found this video on youtube, and I think the technique shown in it would work for this vintage flower design if you don't want to buy transfers. :)


    This link shows the same technique with pictures :)