Behind the Scenes of MJ&G Photography

Ever wonder what goes into planning a MJ&G session?  A LOT! I  can't wait to show you a start to finish so you can see how it all plays out, but for now here are some planning stages of an upcoming engagement shoot. I like to get as many visuals down on paper as I can that way my assistant and I can have a clear vision together of what we are going for as well as keeping all my ideas as I tend to have super creative moments then go blank.  That's why all the best songs are written on napkins, right?

After the initial thought has marinated in my brain, I get out the ipad and bring up Penultimate.  I absolutely love and highly recommend the app for adults and children alike.  I create a notebook for the shoot and start gathering my thoughts and inspiration.  I Have a major plan for an upcoming engagement shoot so that's what I'm working on at the moment and sharing here.  Here are some screen shots of the notebook-

The Penultimate notebook is not shared with the client.  It's my place to write down things that will make sense to me and share things with my assistant. 

For a full concept shoot like this one, I also make up an inspiration board for the client to go off for choosing wardrobe.  It's hard for clients to visualize my words, these boards make it MUCH easier to get everyone on the same page.  Here is the client board for this session.

The props (the car, picnic basket, bench, ect) of course are provided by MJ&G.  The wardrobe board is of course flexible and meant purely for inspiration.

All of this work is done behind the scenes before your shoot which is what makes MaryJanes and Galoshes Photography so unique and custom for each client. 

I can't wait to share with you the actual session so you can see how things come full circle!


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