Pretty Handmade Headbands

I have been working on some new photo props and thought I would share some pics. Eye candy :)
I can't wait to get them on some clients!


Red Carpet Fashion

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

I LOVE movies, but when it comes to the awards..... I'm really only in it for the fashion. The red carpet is an event in itself! This year I'm tuning into the Toast to the Red Carpet – LIVE, presented by I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter!

Who is your favorite red carpet star?  Charlize Theron has always been my favorite on the carpet, lately I'm very much into Emma Stone as well.  I will admit that I'm usually more into the hair than the dresses.... are stars really shocked when they make the worse dressed lists?  I guess fashion is all about taking risks!

So not only will it be about the fashion, but about fabulous recipes to make for your award show party! And since It's an I Can't Believe It's Not Butter night, it's all about making delicious foods better for you.  You can check out a full array of recipes here.  I'm eyeing the Brie and Spicy Apple Chutney on Baguette toast, yum!

The Red Carpet LIVE event is hosting a contest as well.  You could win this fabulous night in package!


It includes 4 champagne glasses, 4 personalized champagne glass charms, 6 recipe cards using I Can't Believe It's Not Butter!, baguette board with dipping bowl, and a coupon for a FREE tub of I Can't Believe It's Not Butter! Makes you want to entertain doesn't it!  Check out contest rules here, one lucky MJ&G reader that Tweets what they love about the pre-show with the hashtag #ToastRedCarpet AND comments on this post on what they love most about the Toast to the Red Carpet – LIVE show will get the opportunity to win the awesome I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter! Ultimate Viewing Party prize package. 

Live streaming of the event starts at 6pm eastern on February 26th.  Mark your calendars, I'll see you there!

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Clearing nose pores, I finally figure it out!

I finally figured it out!!!! 

I have spent the last.... maybe two?.... years trying to figure out how to get the pores on my nose clean.  I've used countless nose pore strips (that's attractive).  Watched YouTube videos on using Elmers glue as a mask (yes.... I admit I tried it, pointless), steamed my face, scrubbed, stripped, masked, I've done it all.  I wash my face twice a day (do not wash your face more than twice daily, it's bad for your completion), I've tried lots of different brands of products, but nothing was getting those little dark dots out of my pores.  I HATED them.  Even with makeup I didn't feel like they were covered.... my nose hurt from trying to squeeze them out (don't judge me LOL).  I had given up.

A little over a week ago I was looking online for a sugar scrub (I found one I love and will have to share with you soon!) recipe which I believe was inspired by something I saw on Pinterest?  I'm not quite sure why I got the bug, but anyway..... while researching sugar scrubs I started to learn about oils and came across an oil mask.  Maybe I should have bookmarked that in case you would be interested..... but at the time I had no idea what I had just found and how it was going to be shared here now.  Anyway, you don't need it for today's purposes and Google is your BFF if you have to find it.  I read about how oil is being stripped from our faces to much and how oil free products aren't as great for our skin as we are made to think.  Then I found information gold!!!!

Those little dark dots filling my nose pores?  NOT CLOGGED DIRT!!!!

In fact, I learned that when oil from your face comes in contact with air, it turns that dark color.  Which makes us think it's dirt so we scrub and scrub and scrub..... which strips the natural oil.... which causes our skin to product more because it thinks we are lacking! What a vicious cycle. 

Well, I had just happened to have picked up a bottle of Jojoba oil (which I found at Sally's beauty supply).  Mine is not this brand, but I couldn't find an image on their site.... You could also find it at a natrual food store I would think.  I was actually surprised to find it at Sally's (and it was less than $6!).
So after washing my face at night (and applying my night moisturizer) I started putting a thin layer of pure jojoba oil on my nose.  After the first day I started to see a slight fading on my nose pores, so I started putting it on at both my morning and evening face washes.  Almost a week of doing this now and my nose is almost 100% clear!!!! I'm beside myself excited and thought I would share my findings. 



It was nice out this morning while my oldest was at school so the twins and I spent some time outside with the camera.  It's a gorgeous sunny day here today!


Mr. Personality..... Clipix

You know when you think your in love with a guy, but he just doesn't have everything your looking for?  But your so in love with him you stay with him.... until he eventually leaves you (what?! leave ME!) and you end up finding that new guy (most likely that guy your mom has been trying to set you up with who has the "great personality" you've been avoiding) only to find he not only has everything you've been looking for but (gasp!) MORE! Meet my new boyfriend....

I spent the weekend getting to know clipix. It's everything I have been wanting in a bookmark site... with features I didn't even realize I wanted until they gave them to me!  I'm excited to introduce you to it as it does a lot of things I had been longing for in an online bookmarking site.  The biggest thing for me is the ability to make boards private!!! Although I know I get a lot of inspiration seeing what other's are bookmarking, there are some things I would rather not share.  Like that really cute Etsy find that I can totally make myself...... I'd rather not publicly mark it for all to see I plan on copying it.   I don't like to rip off other people's ideas unless it's for personal use only ;) Or when I find something I want to use for business, I don't always want the whole world to see my game plan... especially when I'm planning for a popular venue show! You can also choose to make your boards visible to friends only.  Heck you can even collaborate a board with friends!  There is a little button on each board that lets you easily add friends to that board specifically or even just email the board to them for veiwing.  Hello photographer client tool!!!! I'm seeing many "what to wear" inspiration boards in my future which I will easily send right to my client ahead of their shoots. 

You can clip from Facebook which is huge as I follow a lot of my favorite photographers there and like to save their images to inspire me.  Not all sites allow you to access images on FB.  It also adds a note to each image (usually the title of the article) to the clip for me which saves me a lot of time and hassle.  The biggest reason I love the privacy board... sometimes I see things that inspire new ideas in me and I want to make note of what it makes me think of (an original idea that stemmed from the inspirational image).  I may not have time to create that idea for a while and I don't want to forget it, but I don't want anyone else seeing that idea until I am able to put it into action either.  Up until now I've added somewhat crypitc messages in these cases, or just saved the image to my computer with a note, but I usually end up forgetting it's there until I'm cleaning out my files. That doesn't do me any good!

Another feature I'm loving..... multi boards, sub boards, what ever you want to call them... you can put multiples boards inside one larger board (which for a color coding Capricorn like me is AMAZING).  I've broken down my "food" board into all the different meal and drink categories! Now everything is even faster and easier to find.

After just hours of using the site and playing around I pulled out the ipad and searched for an app.  I've been trying to find a way to use the other bookmarking sites I love on my ipad but have given up, it was more of a hassle (even with apps) than I was willing to put up with.  Well my clipix app was super easy to install and works like a charm!  Making me one happy girl!  The app was designed for iphone, but I'm having no issues with it on my ipad.  Now I don't have to kick myself when I find cute ideas on my ipad rather than my computer.  The clip button is right there for me!

I'm not one to "invite friends" to anything on Facebook, I'm just not into it. But I was so excited I invited 50 friends to join before clipix told me I had reached my limit for that invitation LOL.  For some reason a lot of my friends got an unsecure message when they tried to access my invite, but I assured them I had been using it and found it to be safe (and so useful).  So you may or may not have the same experience. If you do, just tell them to go to the site directly at clipix.com like I did. 

I've even added a +clip button to my sidebar to make it easy for you to clip things from MJ&G :) (it's under the find me section with the rest of my buttons). 

So my boards are just still little baby boards, growing bigger every day, but here is a snapshot of mine so you can see what all my excitement is about! You can see the little locks at the top of each board which tells me what boards I have marked public and which are private.  You can also see one of those multi boards I was telling you about.


You are also able to view the clips from others who are using the site.  I feel like clipix focuses a little less on community and a little more on being a useful tool, but if your curious to see who else it out there you can!  You can also search the community for specific things you might be looking for.  Here is a snapshot of the community page.


I could go on for another hour telling you why I'm using this (free!) site and sharing all my screen captures explaining every detail (like how you can change the color of your wallpaper to suit your style), but I will spare you the boredom of listening to me and just say to check clipix out yourself.

So my biggest plans for my Clipix account is to build my highly detailed planning boards for events (birthday parties, photo shoots, ect) as well as things I want kept private (ideas for that big trade show, business leads, great business card ideas....)  What would you use it for?

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90210 Has style Jessica aka Silver French braids

I loved 90210 back in the day and I love the updated version now! Sometimes the fashions make me think they're crazy, but usually they are pretty inspirational. I happen to love Silver, who doesn't love a fellow artist. I'm not much into stars or celebs, but I think Jessica (the girl who plays silver) is absolutely adorable!
On a recent episode she rocked double French braids while managing to not look like an 8 year old. I thought it was really cute so I took some mental notes. Her hair is pretty short so anyone can pull this off. The key is to keep your braids really low (close to your hairline and ears) and do a messy flip in the back. You also need to leave some stray hairs out in front of and behind the ears. I tried to find an image from the episode to share but no luck. So here is mine.
Which 90210 star inspires your style?


Tips for Photographing Your Baby

Are you or someone you know expecting a baby?  Or maybe you have a brand new little one??? Well Delia of Delia Creates is celebrating her pregnancy with a Nesting series filled with fabulous baby projects!!!  Some of them are seriously so cute it almost makes me want a baby....... ALMOST.... okay, maybe not even almost, but it makes me want to craft for a baby LOL.

Anyway..... I'm todays guest! And I'm sharing tips on photographing your baby :)  So stop over and check it out (and the other fab Nesting projects!).


Color play! Makeup

Just thought I would share a look I had fun with the other day. I think it's blue shadow done right..... if you disagree feel free to keep that to yourself ;)