What apps do you love?

I have been loading my iPad with tons of educational games for the kiddos, but I'm ready to find some apps for myself. I love my kindle app and the blogger plus is great . What other apps are you guys using and loving?

Oh! I'm also loving WpC HD had which is where my background image (above) is from!


  1. My current favorites are Words With Friends & Hanging With Friends. I also love my Epicurious app, Pinterest, Listia & Fluent News. Those are the ones I use the most. :-) Have you seen the Presidents vs Aliens & Stack the States for the kids? I have the light versions and if the boys were older I would totally invest in the full version.

  2. I received an iPad for Christmas. I have the kindle app as well. I have been using mine mostly for blog reading and Pinterest surfing since I have been home bound with kidney stones. I am anxious to see what others recommend.

  3. Calendar Tracker to keep track of simple goals. Evernote is awesome for staying organized. Dropbox for easy syncing for photos and files to backup. NewsRack for blog reading. Faith&Action for building your faith. Red Stamp for easy invites. Pinterest and TipJunkie for inspiration. Dragon Dictation to avoid texting while driving. Pandora for streaming music. Relax Free with Andrew Johnson for relaxation/mediation…he sounds like Sean Connory. :) Instragram and Disposable are cool photo apps.
    Love your blog, btw.

  4. So, I am reading these words {apps} above and wondering how you younger gals ever keep track of all of those "things" I use a blank tablet....yes, a note book. plain with lines [sometimes I get festive and get one with a pretty cover.} But even that, I lay it down and forget where it is sometimes!
    Just sayin.