Clip in Hair Extensions from Rapunzel Rapunzel

Extensions are becoming very main stream.  There are so many options with fused, sewn in, clip on..... depending on how often you want to wear them.  Since I'm mostly at home playing with my kiddos, I don't do much with my hair on most days.  I think because of that (and that feeling of dread every time a stay at home mom catches a look at herself in the mirror, gasp!) I thought it would be fun to play around with something to make me feel a little glamorous. 

I knew clip in was going to work best for me as I don't want the commitment (or expense) of up keeping any of the other methods for extensions.  However! If you do decide to do clip ins like me, make sure you don't skimp on the initial investment.  Get good quality clip ins that will last you and be easier to take care of (it's a one time cost!!!!).  I decided to go with the Remi clip ins from Rapunzel Rapunzel for a couple reasons.

  1. Real (human!) hair.  Which means I can curl it, wash it, even color it!  It's REAL hair.
  2. Remi clip in are built root to tip.  Which means they pay attention to the natural directions of the hair strand..... which means LESS TANGLE!!!! The hair lays nice and smooth.
  3. They are available in  a LOT of colors and varying shades so it's easy to find a match to your color.
So here is what comes in the box (shown in the color I ordered, #22 Light Blonde)

It's a good amount of hair!  There are 6 pieces there.  Each with fewer clips so that you can place them on different parts of the head.  Normally you would place the three clip at the bottom, then the 4 clip, then the two clip and singles on the sides of the head.  Because I have such thick hair I found that it looks more natural if I place a two clip lower than you would normally place on at the back of the head, then the 3 clip, 4 clip, then another 2 clip and the singles on the sides.  Because I have a lot of layering in the front I didn't need much on the sides, but I needed all of them in the back to get close to the natural thickness of my hair (and keep it looking normal).

To further blend it's important to style them into your hair.  Unless you wear your hair stick straight, I suggest putting the extensions in BEFORE you do your styling.  Styling them into your natural hair blends them.  For me I have found that large barrel curls work the best for blending.  Because of my thick hair straight doesn't look natural, and a more beachy wave (which I do a lot with my natural hair) has a bit of the same effect as straight.  But I think the big curls look great and sort of Kardashian (I love their hair!!!).

So here is the before (excuse the poor photos......and the pajamas..... and no makeup LOL)

I should also mention that the Rapunzel Rapunzel extensions only come in 18 inches.  For me that's 3-4 inches longer than my natural hair, but enough to make a difference! 

It's that last bit of length that I just can't seem to get naturally. 

I was using a 1.5 inch barrel.

The clips lay nice and flat against my head so it hides well.   I don't need to pull my hair half up to hide them like some clips make you. I am having so much fun playing with them!  You can even clip them in and pull your hair up if you need added thickness for an updo. 

Because of the root to tip build Rapunzel Rapunzel uses, the clips are easy to take out and don't get all tangled up.  I've worn them a few times now and each time they come out easily and tangle free!  I was impressed that I didn't get a head ache wearing them either, they fit very comfortably!


  1. Those look great! I love having long hair but it's so thick it gives me a headache. I could get some extensions and then when I miss long hair I can just put them in and get my fix! Thanks for the review. As a fellow SAHM, I'm glad to know that I'm not alone in staying in my pajamas for a while during the day...or the whole day. My boys don't care. :-) Enjoying your blog!

  2. How does this work with thin hair? Can u still use them without the clips showing?


  3. Tracey,
    They work the same way with thin hair, you just have to place them right for the amount of hair you have. You may not need to use all the pieces depending on your hair and size of your head. Some choose to pull their hair into a half up style to ensure the clips do not show. The Rapunzel Rapunzel ones I have are very low profile and match my hair exactly, this is where the quality comes in. Quality extensions will hide much better than cheap ones ;)

  4. AWESOME!! You make it look so easy.. Dyllan could really use a set! So could I! ...stay tuned.

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  7. Wow! Those are gorgeous! The extensions really look good on you. They suit you and you make it look so easy. I know there are some girls who find it hard to wear them or to clip them but you made it really look so easy. Now, i'm thinking of getting those hair extensions again. That's the beauty of hair extensions, they can really add beauty.



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