Galoshes is being featured over at the Junk Bonanza blog today!  It will be our first year vending, hope to see you there!


Business Card Giveaway from UPrinting.com

Getting your business card to stand out and make an impression can be difficult.  I love these rounded corner and unique shapes from UPrinting.  They offer business card printing as well as a ton of other printing services.  Using their die-cut business card templates makes it easy to design your business card yourself without placement errors.

UPrinting is offering one lucky MJ&G reader 250 die cut business cards!  Here's the details-

250  pcs Die Cut Business Cards for one winner
2 x 3.5" Rounded Corners, 2x2" Rounded Corners, 1.75x3.5" Rounded Corners, 2x3.5" Leaf, 2x3.5 Rounded one corner, 2x3.5" Half Circle Side, 2x3.5" Oval, 2.5" Circle
14pt Cardstock Gloss / Matte / High Gloss (UV), or 13pt Cardstock Uncoated,
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die-cut business card templates
available for download
Restriction: Limited to *US residents 18 years old and above only.
If you have won any giveaway from UPrinting.com within the last 6 months you are not eligible to win this giveaway. 

Giveaway ends  Friday (July 29th) so enter now!!!!  It's a quick one.  To enter leave a comment on this post! 

This business card printing  giveaway is sponsored by UPrinting. For more information about online printing services, please visit UPrinting,com.


It's getting close!

I'm not sure if it's because it was cold here until the end of June, but summer has just flown by and I can't believe how fast Junk Bonanaza is coming up!  Galoshes and I are getting things together for our space.  Here's a little peek.


Thin Mint Anyone?

Okay.... so I'm not a girl scout.  Actually, I was for a short bit, I was terrible at selling cookies.  To the point that Galoshes (my mother) actually ordered a large lot of cookies for me to go around and sell AFTER the fact because I had not successfully sold ANY cookies during the time I was actually supposed to.....  I've never been a sales person, and now I'm getting off track.

So obviously I'm not selling cookies here, I'm busy crafting and coming up with new fun projects to share with you all :)  My blog is my therapy and a great outlet for me and the fact that you happen to enjoy reading along and occasionally throw me a comment or word of support amazes me, THANK YOU!

You all know I've been practicing my photography lately in hopes that I can make a go of  it  and am going to be wildly successful :)  In effort to educate myself and prepare for my career I would love to take some wonderful online workshops taught by amazing photographers whom I would be grateful to learn from.  Don't worry, I'm not going anywhere, we have a deck to finish and many projects to be shared!  But I can't do it all.... on my own :)  So I thought I would reach out to my supporters and hold myself a tiny fundraiser (get the cookie reference now?). Here's my pitch- $1 (I'd ask you to "buy me a cup of coffee" but let's face it, where can you get coffee for $1 anymore?!) to be used toward my creative education.  In exchange I promise to continue to share fabulous projects with you all :)  

Thank you!!! For those of you new here, I promise this isn't a regular thing :) Remember..... I'm a terrible cookie seller :)


Photo Shoot! Family

Galoshes and I have been busy doing shoots building up experience.  I'm crazy busy this week between preparing for Hudson's birthday party this Sunday and all the photo shoots we've been scheduling.  I have lots of images of partial tutorials all over my computer that I'm going to have to hunt down when I get a chance to actually pull it all together.  We will have a ton to do together soon! But for today I thought I would just share a couple of my favorite images from a shoot last week.  You can see more of what we got at our new Photography Blog!


Welcome Tatortots and Jello Readers!

So last Friday I was a guest over at Tatortots and Jello!  I'm beside myself at how many of you came over to visit and decided to stay!!!  Welcome to MJ&G.  So glad to have you here.  In case you missed the post.... Here is what I made.... DIY Laptop Sleeve!

Head over to Tatortots and Jello for the full details!  Thanks Jen for having me over!


Temptu Airbrush Make-up and Self Tanner Review

I don't tan..... partially because my skin takes FOREVER to get a golden glow (I tanned in a bed every day for six months before my wedding and my husband, who tans easily but is super light skinned naturally, was still ten shades darker than me!) and partially because it's awful for your skin.  It took us decades to come around to pale skin and I'm not sure that people sun warship the way they used to with all we know now.... but either way, I have no shame in admitting that I occasionally rock a self tan!  Fair skin is beautiful, my bronzer is my bff, but every once and a while I want a glow that makeup just won't give me and I turn to tan in a can.  Well now it's tan in an airbrush..... SOOOO much easier and nicer to apply than the aerosol cans or (gasp) the lotion!

If you haven't used a self tanner since the days of turning orange, let me be the first to tell you, they have come a LONG way! A few years ago now they finally figured out how to make a natural looking glow come out of that self tanner and with the added effect of being able to spray it on (rather than rub and streak) it is ten times easier (and more natural looking) than it used to be!  I came across the Temptu system through Sephora.com and I immediately intrigued by their new self tanning product (they started out with amazing makeup, which I will tell you about too!).

So here is my before and after with a light coat of the face tanner.  Excuse my creepy stare!  I really prefer to be BEHIND the camera :)

The darkness of the tan depends on a few things.  The airbrush itself has a dial you can adjust for how much of the product comes out.  Since I'm so fair skinned to begin with I kept my brush on light.  If you prefer a darker tan you can crank it up, or layer it!  Make sure you don't forget your neck and chest, I don't know what I was thinking the first time.... I looked like a fool.  But luckily the Temptu system is so easy to use I just popped my tanning cartridge back in and put a light coat on my neck and chest.  By the next morning I was all even!  So what is it?  Here is what it looks like... this is the brush itself with the tanning pods.  This image shows the two different tanners (face and body). 

 The tanner system I used is this one....

It has the face tanner, the color of the pod is different than the one shown on the Temptu website but I think it's the same thing since it says face tanner.  Above you see the primer (white pod), face tanner, and a bronzer (like your makeup bronzer).  The thing that confused me when I found this tan system at first was I thought the pods themselves worked like an airbrush, they do not!  You need to have the actual air brush in order to use them!  Please don't be confused.  They will not work on their own.

I found the system really easy to use.  It comes with a short DVD that shows how to load, apply, and unload the airbursh.  Really you're just snapping each pod in as you go through your steps.  I had zero mess which amazed me!  You can check out their videos here if you want to see it in action!   The pods come with a stand to hold them all upright which makes for a pretty display in your makeup area.  The airbrush itself is nice looking and stores easily! 

If you get any spots that are dark or that you didn't like (maybe you made a mistake and had a streak) you can use the tan prep pod to lighten that area.  It exfoliates the skin and removes the tanner evenly.  Otherwise the tan naturally fades after 48 hours.  I found the fade to be much more natural than tanners I have used in the past.   After my tan developed I applied the bronzer and the rest of my makeup.  Here is the finished look.

On that note I want to tell you a little more about the makeup they have.  I'm so LOVING the foundation.  It has this natural glow to it that makes your skin look amazing.  I mentioned the other day in my hair post that I was wearing the makeup (foundation, blush, and highlighter).  This is WITHOUT the bronzer or self tanner.

Of course you can wear your makeup darker than I do, you may like more blush or whatever.  I like that this foundation can look really natural or you can really layer it on if you need to.  I apply my concealer before I do the foundation.  You can adjust the flow of the makeup making for lighter or heavier coverage.  For me I like to use spot concealer where needed then a medium coverage on the foundation.  I was afraid that the makeup would make a mess in my hairline, I had even panicked that I didn't have a shower cap to protect my blond hair and the tanner or foundation would make a mess of my hairline.  No worries!  The air blows through the brush even when your not applying the product so you can really feel where your spraying and the trigger gives you great control over the product.  I had zero weird hair incidents!

If you have any questions about the system or how it works I would be happy to answer them for you!  I'm beside myself in love with it.  You may think the foundation is a bit pricey at first (if your a drug store makeup user like me), but when you see how long it lasts (I have been using mine for a while now and it doesn't look like I've even made a dent in it) I think you will find it's a great value! PLUS, that cost is for TWO pods so in the long run it's a major steal! And in case you're having a hard time choosing a shade (they have a helpful shade finder you can use) I chose a 4.  It's flexible enough that I can even use this shade with the self tanner (as with one tan application, not layered).  So if your skin tone fluctuates you don't have to worry about having a ton of shades.  

If you want to see more great before and afters of their products check out their facebook page (click like while your there to get all the updates!).


Want $2500 for a DIY poject?

Who wouldn't!  True Value Hardware is holding a contest looking for the next DIY Reality Star with their "DIY True Stories" contest.  Here are the details from the True Value press release-

Dish Out Your Worst and Become a Do-it-Yourself Star!

CHICAGO (July 8, 2011) - Have an outrageous, shocking or just plain overdue home improvement project on hand? Need a little extra cash or help getting it done? Say no more, True Value is rolling out the Facebook "DIY True Stories" Contest, where ambitious DIYers are being asked to tell all for a chance to win $2,500 to complete their project, receive expert advice to help them get the job done right and the opportunity to star in their very own DIY web series on Facebook.

"As the winner of the 2010 True Value contest, I was extremely excited when I was given the opportunity to redo a bathroom in my home that was in dire need of a makeover," said Marian Parsons, blogger of Miss Mustard Seed and champion of the 2010 True Value "Design SOS: Friends to the Rescue!" Contest. "With True Value in your corner, you can have the chance to knock out any project on your list; plus, this year you can become a DIY star in the process!"

From July 7 to August 15, DIYers looking to get their hands dirty will have the chance to submit their wildest home improvement endeavor. To enter, contestants must first "like" True Value's Facebook page, then share their project idea, what they need to get the job done and what they would do if they won. "DIY True Stories" can be submitted by crafting a brief project description and uploading photos or submitting a video featuring the DIYer and the potential DIY project.

The real fun begins on August 29 when True Value will announce three winners! Each winner will receive an in-person consultation with a "Master of All Things Hardwarian," or True Value employee, at their local True Value store and $2,500 to help them get the job done. They'll then chronicle their project's progress in a five part web series that will be featured on True Value's Facebook page and savor the spotlight as DIY reality stars.

Enter for a chance at DIY stardom by visiting www.facebook.com/TrueValue and clicking on the "DIY True Stories Contest" tab. Don't wait! Share your wild DIY secrets today!

About True Value
True Value Company, headquartered in Chicago, is one of the world's largest member-owned wholesale hardware cooperatives with sales of approximately $2 billion in annual revenue.  The cooperative includes approximately 6,000 independent retailer locations operating under the store identities of True Value, Grand Rental Station, Taylor Rental, Party Central, Home & Garden Showplace and Induserve Supply.  Additional information on True Value Company and its retail identities is available at TrueValueCompany.com.


Lisa Leonard Bunting Love and GIVEAWAY!

We all love buntings.  They have been trendy for the last year or two and I don't see them going away anytime soon.  When I saw Lisa Leonard had added a bunting to her home decor area of her jewelry business, I was so excited to check it out!

You can have the bunting say anything you like, of course mine says MJ&G!  You also get to choose the ribbon color that strings the bunting together.

Use it for photo shoots, I think one that says "Mr. & Mrs." would be super cute if your a wedding photographer!  Or "baby" if your a maternity photographer.

Lisa puts a lot of thought into making your product special.

The flags have a good weight to them so they are heavy enough to feel like quality, yet light enough that it's not hard to hand or hold up.  Definitely very durable!

Lisa Leonard has a ton of other beautiful products.  They make beautiful gifts and the home decor section is perfect for wedding gift shopping!  You can also check out Lisa's blog for more images of the products and a behind the scenes look at the artist!

One of you lucky readers will receive a $50 gift card to spend as you like at Lisa Leonard Online! Amazingly generous.  I can not wait to pick a winner!  But in order to win you have to enter... here's how-

"Like" Lisa Leonard Jewelry on FB.  It's that easy!  Want a second entry?  "Like" MJ&G on FB! Make sure you leave a separate comment here for each entry.

How easy is that!  Giveaway ends July 19th at midnight.  Good luck!


No Heat Curls

I am so excited to share this with you guys!  I came across this video through Pinterest and just HAD to try it out!  A while back I tried the "sock bun" method for no heat curls, it did not work well for me.  It did curl, but the curls were not smooth and the ends were kinked... possibly my technique could use some work.... but this method worked the FIRST time!  I am so going to be doing this on a regular basis!!!

So here is my photo montage...  The video at the end of the post, from the original source, shows how to wrap your hair around the elastic headband.....

So the top photo is after I've slept on the style for the night.    It slept comfortably.  I thought I would wake up with a headache from having the elastic around my head, but I didn't.  If you don't have one of these elastics you can improvise with some sewing elastic or a strip of t-shirt tied around your head.  In the video she used some anti frizz spray to prepare her hair.   I used a detangling spray, you could also use water but I found the detangler to work really well (plus mine smells amazing and leaves my hair really soft).

So... taking the band out.... 

The band came out easily.  Loosen it up a bit as you go.  The only part that didn't work beautifully was a small section of the ends in the bottom of the very back.  This of course was a wrapping issue by me, but for a first try I say it was a success!  I then took my paddle brush and gave it a good brushing to relax.  My hair holds a curl well to begin with, but this curling method produced extra resilient curls like I have never seen!  I imagine it's what people with naturally curly hair deal with! I also got dressed at this point so don't let the wardrobe change fool you, it's only moments later!

Then I played with it.....

I will also mention that my makeup in all these photos is from Temptu using their airbrush system which I will be telling you all about later this week!

So now that it's been a few hours.... my curl has not dropped at all!  By now a curling iron curl would have really drooped and lost a lot of shape, these curls have an amazing shape, big open ringlets.  If your going to be wearing an updo I highly recommend doing this the night before!  I am going to dry wrapping the front a bit looser next time so my bangs don't get so curled.  Here's the video!


Want to be Featured?

I don't often hold open call, but I have a feeling some of you have fabulous shops that I don't even know about!  So here is the deal.... I'm getting ready to pull my True Value Outdoor living space together (lots of posts about that coming up!!!) and I'm looking for decor items to be used in the following ways....
  • Table scapes
  • Pillows
  • Decorative fabric panels
  • Centerpieces
  • Outdoor safe artwork
  • Garden art
Maybe you have a great idea of something you think would work great.  The color scheme is fiesta so it's bright yellows, pinks, oranges, greens, blues..... not too crazy.... but fun colors.  As I'm perusing Etsy looking for some great handmade decor items I thought I would put it out there and see if anyone is looking to submit their products for consideration!  If chosen your product will be featured in the final True Value Blog Squad project, be included in pictures, and have a link giving you all the credit showing everyone where they can get one for themselves!

Use the "Contact Me" button or email me at Taylor@MaryJanesandGaloshes.com with a link to your shop and or item you would like to be considered.  Can't wait to see what you guys come up with!

Don't have a shop but still want to be featured?  Maybe you have a blog you want me to link to?  If you have something you've made on your craft blog and want to submit that I'm open to any ideas.


Bubbo Tubbo Photographer Organizer Printable

My schedule is so out of wack this week with the holiday!  Then blogger pulled a fast one on me and published my post at 8PM yesterday rather than 8AM as I normally post!  So id you missed yesterday's post be sure to check out the Lego Party

In preparation of reaching my goal of being a "real" photographer I've been collecting information and resources from all over.  During my search I came across this amazing printable (or you can purchase the hard copy) organizer made just for photographers!!!  It's absolutely perfect for me because it has all the things I don't have enough experience for to create myself!

Craft paper makes everything prettier doesn't it!  Those cute tabs are included in both the printable and hard copy versions of the organizer.  Of course in the printable version you will need to find your own craft paper, but I think it really makes a difference in the look. 

The organizer is an amazing 33 pages!  Filled with calendars (monthly, weekly and daily!), expense sheets, release forms, to do lists, vendor lists, client forms, contact info, packing lists, prop lists, brainstorming sessions and so much more!  I know the planner is going to really help me in getting started. 

Not everyone wants to be a photographer..... maybe your getting married and need a wedding planner?  Or having a baby? Maybe your going on a trip!  All of the printable organizers come with all the great calendars and plenty of extras.  The Letter planner is great for keeping your home in order while running an etsy shop! She even builds custom planners if you have an idea for something she doesn't currently offer (that's how the photography planner was born!)

What ever you have going on, Bubbo Tubbo has an organizer for you.  And I just have to share her amazing custom calligraphy work!!!


Lego Themed Birthday Party!

I recently realized I had shared the Lego Party invite with you... but I became so busy with everything else that I forgot to share the rest of the party yet!  Here it is!!!

It was one of those parties that you love as a host because it didn't take a lot of money to pull it together yet it was still a ton of fun.   A lot like my Charlie and Lola party which I did for very little money (right before Christmas!).  Of course having a summer birthday where you can be outside is ALWAYS a plus to the budget! Balloons as a huge impact (I think) so hit your local dollar store and get some (or rent a helium tank, they have the take home ones that you can buy but they aren't a great deal).  I love the bold color balloons she used to go with the Lego colors!  The bounce house is always a big hit (They bought one after renting a couple times, also a big money saver).

One thing this party did take a lot of (because of the awesome centerpieces!) was pep time!  But it was quality family time!  Check them out.

The one on the right actually had a whole "Harry Potter" train that ran along the ends, very cute but I didn't get it in my pics.

There were fun Lego games for all......

The traditional spoon race with a twist of a lego tower.  There was also a timed tower building competition.

And a lego drop from under your chin into the cup.  Hudson cheated a bit at this one.... see how far he's bent down to get close to the cup... yeah... he eventually just bent all the way over AND used his hand to drop it in.  Gotta watch that one!

The littler ones enjoyed some basketball time (with dad's help).

I just love that picture!  I'm sure we will treasure it for years.  

And of course.... no party is complete without favors!

Did you know there is Lego candy?  I totally thought I was going to impress my fellow Capricorn cousin (the hostess) by bringing her a bag of Lego candy, thinking she could add it here and there to her party.  Well of course, since she's every bit of Capricorn I am..... she already had some tucked in the favor bags!  Not to mention the CUTEST Lego man crayons!!!!  Seriously, they were crayons made in Lego man molds!  They would have made the best pics...... kicking myself..... it was such a long drive to the party that by the time we got home everyone had to be carried inside and the poor logo men spend the night in the (hot) car..... rest in piece little guys.  But the kids did enjoy coloring with them on the way home!

oh.... and in case your wondering about the cake.... the birthday boy requested ice cream sundaes instead (how fun is that!).  So there was no cake and I was to busy wrangling three little ones and several ice cream sundaes to get any pics.   What's your favorite birthday party treat?


Poppy Headband Tutorial

So I'm kind of cheating calling this a tutorial... only because the actual tutorial bit of the project is from a tutorial I posted at the very beginning of MJ&G!  I recently made Nadia a fun summer (super quick super simple) headband from some poppies I had made up back when I made the Poppy Flower Tutorial.  They were just sitting around waiting for me to do something fabulous with them.... then along came a perfectly matching elastic headband!  I grabbed my glue gun and now I have a fun headband I can even wear myself!

Hot glue your poppies to your elastic headband (or any headband).  If you feel like it needs a little more stability to really stick to the headband (mine didn't but with hard plastic ones you will) you can back it with some more hot glue and matching felt.  Ready to wear!  How easy was that.

A red white and blue flower would be really cute for the holiday weekend (those of you here in the states)!  Enjoy your weekend!  I'm making some major progress on my outdoor living space, can't wait to update you!