TV Wall Mount from Wayfair

I mentioned I picked up a flat panel TV during a crazy Black Friday sale.  It's our first flat TV and I was excited to get it up on the wall.  There are a lot of options for TV mounts and Wayfair.com carries a TON of them!  So that's where I went when I was looking for mine.  Here is the one I picked up (which was shipped out to me in near record time!).

It has a solid constriction and was super easy to put up! It's a universal mount which means it will fit any TV between 26 and 42 inches.  It holds up to 125 pounds which is WAY more than my tv.  It also tilts 15 degrees if you need it to.  I really just wanted to get the TV up on the wall with a fairly slim mount so that I could do something like these inspiration images.

Source: houzz.com via Barbara on Pinterest

I love how the bottom two use store bought (probably thrifted) large frames and don't worry about custom building one to fit the TV perfectly. I think I will go with that option and switch my frame and frame color up with the season or holiday!  Like a orange one for Halloween time and a red one for Christmas.  Have fun with it!

Next time your looking to compare a lot of items in one place, check out Wayfair.  I've ordered from them several times (they used to be CSN stores) and have always been very happy with my experience! 


  1. So many framing options for you! Have a blast with it!