My holiday wish list?

I can be a hard person to shop for.  Not that people don't see things all the time that scream Taylor!, but I tend to be someone who buys the things they want when they want them..... I've always had a hard time WAITING for things LOL.  Galoshes asked me to put together a wishlist so she can bang out some last minute holiday shopping so I thought it would be fun to share the things I'm wishing for with you all.  For no better reason in that I know it's hard to write your wish lists when people ask for them, it's like how you can never find anything you love when you have money, but when your broke it seems the stores are packed with things you can't live without.  I know that's not just me!  So here goes, not everything is feasible for ME necessarily on my list (ahem, smartphone!), but they are all things I would love to see under my holiday tree!

1. If I could only have one gift for the entire year (I mean, I would throw in birthdays for this baby) it would be an iphone.  I'm not even sure it has to be an iphone.... can you use instagram on an android smart phone?  Anything that takes decent pictures and would allow me to easily post them to the internet.  My pocket camera recently died so I no longer have a camera I can always have on me, and I'm pretty sure an iphone would make keeping up on my blogging 1000 times easier!  Like that awesome thing my husband just made me I've been meaning to share with you all!  But that means getting out my big camera, shooting, loading, editing down to size for web...... You get what I'm saying, a smart phone would be instant photo, instagram, post, done!  Maybe that monthly fee isn't sounding so outrageous anymore LOL.

The rest of my list is in no particular order....

2. Protective case for my tablet.  I don't have a fancy tablet, it's an inexpensive generic beginners tablet that I'm completely fine with!  It's 7 inches and the perfect size for what I need right now.  BUT that means it's hard to find a case to fit it in and the one it came with isn't super durable.  Amazon is carrying cases for 7 inch tablets, I kinda need one.  There was an amazing pink one.... but it's no longer available.  Though I don't think the husband would love the pink one and he has been playing with the tablet lately too.

3. I'm pretty sure I would have as much fun decorating this little house as my daughter would playing with it!
That is just s screen shot, you can't really mouse over to zoom from here, sorry ;)

4.  I think this may be the cutest way to bake a cake ever!
5. This alarm clock has been on my amazon wish list for YEARS.  It gradually increases light waking you up naturally.  I always find I wake up in a better mood and more alert, when I think it's daylight out. 

6. Lighted mirror.  I have no real bathroom vanity right now and the lighting at my desk/makeup area is terrible.  I use two mirrors to bounce the light from a lamp onto my face, it's awful.  I know Target carries some nice options.  This one from Amazon is pretty. 
7. Pink ear buds.  I have a hard time getting ear buds to stay in, small ear canals or something? So I like the ones that have the wrap around the ear things, technical term ;) , like these from amazon (can you tell I'm an amazon shopper?  If only they would start taking Paypal!

8. Arthur on DVD, because it's HILARIOUS!  I may even want the darth vador mask LOL.

9. Kindle gift card so that I can get the Twilight books! Yes, I'm late in the game, I have seen all the movies but not ready any of the books.... yet! I think you can get kindle gift cards in the electronic section at wal-mart, so if your looking for a gift for that kindle (or tablet) owner in your life, it's easier to find than you may think!
Again, screen shot, you can not look inside unless you go to amazon's website.

10. I'm in pretty desperate need of a better way to organize my makeup.  I have it in drawers right now so some drawer organizers might be nice, maybe?  Here are some I like (not necessarily the in drawer kind, but fun!).

that one would fit in my drawers! found here

I saw this table on pinterest from Ikea and pinned it a while back, I have no room for it right now, but love it!

11.  nuf said
12. I'm pretty sure the iphone would be cheaper than this, but I still love it!

13. Photoshop shortcuts, how fun!

14. So many great notepads.  This self help (anger management?) one is one of my favorites for sure!
Really, that whole website if filled with must haves!

15.These bowls.  Love them! 

 I'm a big gimmic/gadget girl, can you tell? LOL. Did I inspire your wish list? What are you wishing for?  I'd love to hear, maybe you could help me add to my list.

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  1. those ear buds aren't great. The clear plastic pieces are meant to be removed and exchanged. But, who is really exchanging headphones with other people? The clear pieces ALWAYS fall off and getting lost on the floor, in my person, in my drawer, etc. I think you can find a better pair of pink headphones out there.

  2. Thanks for the heads up Nancy! I picked those ones because of the wrap around the ear feature, but I guess a different brand would be a better choice ;) Thanks for taking the time to let us know!

  3. I just posted my ultimate Christmas wishlist!


  4. My husband ordered that alarm clock shortly after we moved into our current apartment a couple of months ago. Our bedroom doesn't have any windows, so it's pretty much pitch black in there. The clock definitely makes getting up in the morning less painful!

  5. Oohhh Anna, I'm jealous. I can't tell you how many years it has been on my wishlist! My only fear is that it wouldn't wake me up in time all the time, but I suppose it could be used along with a real alarm. Or maybe it has a noise as well and I just haven't read it that well. Trying to get over the price tag ;)

  6. It does have sound! You have a choice of bird sounds, a radio, or a buzzer (I think). We usually opt for bird sounds.

  7. Oh, one thing I don't love about the clock is that the numbers for the time are pretty small. My husband has it on his side of the bed, and there's no way I can read it from my side at night (my eyesight is teeerrible). I keep a clock with big red numbers on my night stand for that very reason.

  8. Bird noises!!!! okay, now I want it even more LOL. The radio option really surprises me! Thanks for all the info!

  9. you CAN NOT use instagram on the android platform, as it's not available yet. major sadface! trust, i've been pining for an iphone for awhile, just because of that + postal pix (check it out!)

    HOWEVER, i have an android smartphone and have found a pretty adequate substitute. it's called my tubo. i use it ALL the time, and i'm not sure exactly what the differences are (other than the instagram community) but i LOVE it! (but i still want an iphone! i too am a techie!)

    i have a kindle on my wishlist.. i am DYING for one.. it's been on my amazon wishlist since the first version came out years ago!

    i have TONS of pictures from tubo posted on my blog, as well as my wishlist! :)


  10. kristy
    Oooohhh! Thank you for all the info! I ended up settling for a kodak easy share that has some fun in camera editing features. It looks like the whole easy share part may be the closest I get to a smartphone in a LONG time ;) Plus I realized I can't even get an iphone with my carrier :( So glad to hear the info about your android app, my tablet is an android, but no camera on it LOL AHHHH! tech envy galore.

  11. Another great photo app for android(I was also coveting Instagram!!!) is called Retro Camera... I like it so much I don't even want an iPhone anymore!!:)