Better than insatagram.... Disposable App


One of the new toys I got for Christmas is an ipod touch.  Remember how I wanted an iphone?  Well unbeknownst to me, the ipod touch is practically the same thing.... just without the phone!!!! You see, I own the nearly original version of the ipod, so when the new ones were coming out I paid no attention at all thinking I did not need to update my music player.  So I had no idea what cool things the ipod can do now. 


I had thought I wanted the iphone (or ipod touch) to use instagram..... but I was WRONG!  Not nearly as cool as everyone made it look.  Perhaps it's more for those who get into the sharing end of it?  So maybe if your big into twitter, you may find it interesting, but I am not and was disappointed that the editing features weren't as cool as they looked.  So I was looking around (the free apps) for something fun to play with and stumbled upon this gem!


All the images in this post are done with this fun app called "Disposable" while I was playing in the car.   I am completely in love with it.  It works like an old film camera.  You choose which camera you want to use (from three options, you can even use multiple cameras at a time).  Label the camera so you know them apart if your going to use each for different things.  Then you take 24 images (like a roll of film).  You don't get to see the images until all 24 are taken and the effects are randomly applied just like they would come out of an old camera.  I did ZERO editing to these images, it's how they came out of the app (even the frames).


You can even choose to share a "roll" with your friends!  Everyone gets to see each others pics when you reach 24, how fun is that!!!!! 


I was just to excited not to share this app with you guys.  I'm new to the whole app world so forgive me if I tell you all about something you've used for years ;)  But I'm sure there are more than a handful of you out there that are just like me (clueless) and catching up.   Maybe we can share a roll of film some time!


  1. If you have a Droid, u should check our 'retro camera' love it :)

  2. I am the same way, everyone ooh'ed and ahh'ed over Instagram and I am more interested in effects than sharing. You should check out another app called Vintage Cam. It has tons of really neat effects (color effects, not distortions) and looks really nice on blogs. Plus it's free! =) You can see the photos I took with it on my blog. Cheers!

  3. My kids got ipods for Christmas, but I am being good and waiting until My contract is up in March for an iphone I have to tell you the free Scrabble is addicting!

  4. Thanks Becky good to know!

    My sunny side up life- I will check that out!! Love the pics on your blog.

    T Mom- Yes, the scrabble IS addicting!!!! So fun to be able to play with friends.