That was meant to be yelled more at myself than you ;)  Today.... I will choose something I've pinned and actually MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Now what board to choose from, probably going to start with the "try this" board!  Off to be productive :)  I will share what I chose and how it turned out soon!

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  1. I was productive today, too! I made sugar scrubs, made two recipes I found on Pinterest, and decorated the jars used for the sugar scrubs based off of Pinterest.

    Yaaaaaaay for being accomplished!

  2. Wow Victoria!!!! You got a LOT done :) I ended up learning a new crochet stitch.... then got the flu :(

  3. Love it! I've made lots of stuff i've pinned... probably some things i've pinned from you! Someday I'll get them posted! I have a blogging question for you... how do you take a picture of the pinterest screen so you can post it in your blog?

  4. Mary Jo,
    There are two ways you can do a screen capture.
    1. That "prt sc" at the top of your keyboard (PC, not sure about mac, could be the same) does a cut of your full screen view and you just have to paste it onto a blank document.


    2. My preferred method (as I don't like a lot of extra stuff on my screen shot (like the menu bars). I have a program called SnapIt that allows you to set any key and save items you select with it to your computer instantly. You can find it here http://www.digeus.com/products/snapit/index.html