What to wear- Holiday photos (on a budget)

Being a photographer I'm often asked "What should we wear?!".  It's hard to dress a family, or even just kiddos, for photos and what you wear can make or break your images! The key (at least to me) is coordinating without matching.  That can be really confusing to people.  Sometime you may confuse coordinating with matching so I thought I would share the outfits my assistant and I pulled for my own holiday photos of my kids.  We did two options for different budgets.  The first look was pulled together at Savers, a second hand store on a major budget.  Of course, each second hand store's inventory is going to vary and the odds you would find these clothes at yours are probably zilch, but it's inspiration.

So first the budget version from the thrift store..... (I have two boys and a girl, obviously)

Since this was a budget look I decided the boys could wear blue jeans we already owned to save money. I also added a white undershirt to the girls look and left the sweater unbuttoned.  Here is the breakdown-

From left to right-
Shirt $2.99
Vest $4.99

Sweater $5.99
Skirt $2.99

Sweater $2.99
Shirt $2.99

These were the images from the holiday photo I shared the other day, here it is again without the overlays.

I guess you can't see the outfits all that well in this image, it was really chilly out this morning and I tried to get a couple quick shots of my own kids before my day of minis with clients.  Anyway, you get the idea.

Look 2
This look was pulled entirely from Target to make things easy on anyone wanting to recreate it.

For this one we purchased everything they would wear with the exception of shoes and girls jacket.

From left to right-
Jeans (skinny jeans for boys in 4T) $15
Top $10
Sweater vest $12

Pink Sweater dress $15
Hat and mitten set $10
Leg warmers $5
Socks (girls socks, knee high, came in a pack of 2) $5
The jacket was purchased at Burlington Coat Factory for $25

Sweater $12
Top $10
Pants $12
Hat (in photos below) $1

One key to dressing for portraits is to layer.  Added textures and layers are great for photos! Happy Holidays.


  1. Great looks! I really like the thrift store idea for getting Christmas pic outfits.

  2. The outfits are beyond cute! And such gorgeous kiddos!

  3. Adorable!! Love that coat you got at burlington for your little girl!