Ooh Pretty Shiny photography by Laura Evans

It snowed last night for the first time this year.  Normally, living in Wisconsin, this wouldn't faze me to much, but we had snow until JUNE this year! I was thinking the snow could wait until like, oh, maybe.... JANUARY!  Okay, so I know some of you have had some serious, shovel worthy, snow already this year, so I will stop my whining.  The one nice thing is that it has helped me jump into the Christmas spirit!  Which I thought I had lost the last two years, maybe that was because I was exhausted with baby twins! But they are going to be 3 this year and I'm saying BRING ON CHRISTMAS!  I know... we still have Thanksgiving.  Everyone always tells me this, but I go right from Halloween to jingle bells.  Especially being a blogger, I have to get ahead enough for you guys to get ideas :)  And now a photographer, we have Christmas photo shoots this weekend, as well as one I did last weekend!

So my point today, now that I've rambled on, is to share some holiday shopping inspiration.  I LOVE to holiday shop on Etsy.  I've also been know to trade for a ton of gifts there when my shops were active.  Being a photography nut, I of course love to check out other talented photographers and their fine art style.  I'm completely in love with the work of Laura Evans of Ooh Pretty Shiny.... Plus she just took a big trip where she captured tons of new, beautiful images, which you can now find in her shop. 

This particular image speaks to me because I'm ALWAYS changing directions in life.
I also adore book stores!
I have a few Laura Evans prints myself, want to know which one's I chose?

How fitting that it snowed, because it doesn't get any cuter than this in winter!
Seriously! Those faces!

These two also spoke to me.....
Who doesn't love the ferris wheel, okay, so someone out there is screaming "ME!!", it was a rhetorical question :)
Perspective is what turns photography into art.  I love the proportions on this city.

So if you don't already, I highly suggest supporting an artist with your holiday shopping this year.  There isn't anything you can't find on Etsy and most artists are willing to customize their wares to you needs! Happy Holidays!


  1. Those frosty ponies are so sweet!

  2. I love Etsy! I think I will shop there for Xmas!
    I love your photography on your blog it is beautiful!


  3. I love the vintage effects on your photography. It made the photos more realistic. The colors are very vivid and the contrasts are perfect. I love the Ferris wheel photo. It's an art indeed.

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  5. These are lovely photos. I like the effects that you created on those photos. By the way, what brand and model of camera are you using now? The results are actually very clean.

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