More Photo fun with Vol.25

Did you have fun checking out the photo overlays and what not yesterday?  I know to some of you it was brand new! Well I'm keeping the discovery alive with one of my FAVORITE artists today, Vol. 25 offers photo overlays with a completely different approach!  Can you spot the overlays in this image?

Merry Merry Kissmas!!!! And those doily garlands in the other window... that's no reflection, it's an overlay! Fun right!  Check out just a few of the fun themes from Vol. 25-

There are three pages full of collections (and more per page than shown here) so you are sure to find something for your photos!  I have (so far!) In Bloom (a pregnancy/ newborn collection, shown above) Joy-Christmas (again, shown above, this is where you will find the Merry Merry Kissmas!) and Very Merry (which is where the doily elements like the garland shown above in my image are from).

You may remember me sharing this image which includes elements from the Very Merry collection.

  A mixture from both holiday sets. 

Joy Set-

The overlays are vector based so you can make them as big or small as you like with no distortion.  You can also choose any color you like!!! So very versatile.  Go pick some up and get playing, it's highly addictive, I'm warning ;) While your at it, check out Jessica's (the artist behind Vol 25) other art on her blog!

P.S. If your looking for a unique christmas gift, I highly recommend one of the prints from Vol. 25.  I have the typewriter one and am completely in love with it!  Very high quality!