It's CIRCUS time!

Alright, so the circus doesn't come to my area until February, but I've been in circus mode here with the most amazing business writing workshop book Circus Circus!

Before I jump into how fabulous this book is, I have to introduce you to Kristen of Brand Camp.  Okay, she's not actually HERE, but you need to go over and introduce yourself, she's the most hilarious woman I've ever had the pleasure of talking to.  Her website is filled with a ton of information you can use to make your business better!  I turned to her for help with my new photography business and was not let down!  Sign up for everything, anywhere you see to put your email address, PUT IT! You will not be disappointed with the amount of free knowledge this woman gives (and in a way you actually WANT to read it!).

So I've made my way through Circus Circus, she calls it a book, but I call it a workshop! It's amazing and so much fun you won't want to put it down.  I was hoping to have my results up on my website in time to share it with you, but every time I go through it I'm happier with my results so I keep redoing it, and redoing it...

I may be a decent writer when it comes to telling you about fun crafts, but when it comes to my business I feel like I'm to infomercial.  I'm soooo not a sales person.  Hate sales. But Kristen has shown me how to put the emphasis on what I offer, not what I'm selling! You can get the first chaper of Circus Circus for free, HELLO! FREE!  But beware, you WILL be hooked as the first chapter has you create an amazing business mantra and you will want to know what other insanely awesome things Kristen has packed into Circus Circus.  Here is the mantra I came up with in less than an hour with Kristen's help.

(For MaryJanes and Galoshes Photography)

I believe people are inherently unique.
At MaryJanes and Galoshes Photography, we create unique experiences and capture personalities.
Movement, expression and emotion make our portraits unique.
Prepare for lots of laughs, genuine smiles, warm welcomes and lasting memories.

If you have ever tried to do a short write up on your business, you know how hard that would have been to come up with on your own!

In the rest of the book I created a bio that doesn't suck, found a focus to make me money, organized my inbox, streamlined my workflow, cut my email time in half, and conquered blogger's block!

While your getting to know Kristen, be sure to visit her Facebook fan page for exclusive discounts and freebies!

I could (and would) go on and on about how much I love the overall experience of Circus Circus as well as everything else Kristen gives you at Brand Camp, but I'm not sure you want to continue to read my oohing and aaahhhing over her when you could be over at Brand Camp laughing your butt off and signing up for free stuff.  So go ahead, skip over there, watch out for the elephant poop, it's a bit of a circus right now!