Fun with light and Kalidascope

You don't have to be a photographer to have gorgeous light in your photos.  Actually with all of the amazing actions out there, there isn't much you can't do to your photos. Edit like the pros in seconds!  When I was first starting out in photography I experimented with a lot of free  "actions" for Photoshop (Elements and CS).  Then as I got better I started wanting better actions and was willing to pay a bit to get them.  Since they are usually made by entrepreneurs, the prices can very drastically.  I recently found one that offers some really fun, unique actions and overlays at AFFORDABLE prices! I have a few of their products now and wanted to share with you guys as they are really easy to use!

The creator has some great tutorial on her site if you aren't familiar with how to instal and/or use these, so I won't get into that.  First, so examples of my images using the Light Play overlays. 

So I may be slightly obsessed with the "Party Lights" and "Fantasy Lights".  It's the holiday season and I think they are perfect for portraits this time of year.  But there are a ton of other great light overlays.  Here they are shown on a black background for easy viewing. 

It's just a small peek at the overlays that come in this package.  And some images that show off some of the other overlays from the website.

One thing I want to point out is how much you can manipulate these overlays.  If you've ever played with any sort of overlay before, forget everything you think you know!  These overlays are SUPER versatile and built full of hues just like real light! You can change the direction of the light, adjust the hue and saturation, and layer them on top of each other! So if you pick up a set, be sure to watch the video that she links, it shows you step by step how she uses them and how you can get your best results. 

Kaleidoscope also offers a ton of unique textures.  Here is a little snipit from the Gallery Collection, which is the one I picked up!

If your new to all of this they may look a bit psychedelic at first, but all the variation looks amazing on photos!

Maybe you just need some help getting your photos edited and aren't ready to start playing quite this much.  Kaleidoscope can help you.  They just released their first set of actions.  I do want to stress that these actions are for people who shoot RAW (not jpeg) a notch or two overexposed.  Actions are not one size fits all.  You need to find actions that match your shooting style.  If this is your shooting style I can confidently recommend the Kaleidoscope Storyteller Collection. Here are some before and afters from the site.

So if your looking to step up your photography game but not spend a fortune, head over to Kaleidoscope.  Or send the budding photographer on your holiday shopping list to pick something out!!!


  1. These are awesome! Definitely on my list to get. Thanks for this!!


  2. Loving all you photography posts. I really need to work on my photo taking skills.