Back and Better Than Ever! CSN stores now Wayfair.

I've mentioned before that I do a lot of online shopping with CSN stores.  Well, they have grown, evolved, and updated their site as Wayfair. If you hadn't heard of them before, they carry everything for the home.  You can find kids chairs and kitchen gadgets... closet organizers and bathroom fixtures!

Anyway! We just scored a flat panel TV through a great Black Friday deal (though I'm more of a Cyber Monday girl!) and I knew right away that I was going to head over to Wayfair to pick up a wall mount.  Their prices are much better than I can get one locally and they have a ton of options.  I recently saw a pin on Pintrest of a tv framed on the wall, amazing! I'm so doing that as soon as my wall mount comes!!! So I will share my results with you soon! Check out my inspiration-

(click image for source)


  1. I'm loving the framed TV, although if you'd described it to me, I would have thought you were nuts! My parents just got a new flat screen on Black Friday - I bet my Mom would love this!

  2. Oh My goodness! My partner was just saying this evening he wanted a flat screen T V on the wall above the fireplace! I was totally opposed to that idea until I saw this!

  3. Love it Taylor! My hubby has custom made many similar to these!!