Couldn't help myself with the title LOL. I know I have been seriously slacking in the tutorial department lately! I do have a very fun True Value tent/playhouse project I need to write up :)  But today I have a quick share for a new twist on a tutu.

There are a ton of great tutu tutorials out there, so if you not sure of the basics, try a quick search.  I use non-rolling elastic cut to 5 inches smaller than the waist of the child, sewn in a loop then do a slip knot style loop around the band.  This one used fabric strips which I think gives a very fun, shabby, twist on the traditional tutu.  It also works great for a decoration (kind of looks like a giant tassel). 

It's also a great way to use up some fabric!  First, choose a few coordinating fabrics and rip them into strips.  I like the ripped look, you may choose to cut them.  

Once you have a nice pile, add them onto your elastic waistband in which ever method you prefer.  I also added some trims, tulle, lace, and poms to this one for extra girly effect.  Then I used it at this fun photo shoot!

You can trim it to your desired length once it's all together.  Some shorter and longer pieces are fine :)  Just make sure it's nice and full. Your elastic band will also stretch out a bit as your putting the strips on. 


  1. now that is cute!! im sick of making all those tuile ones, even though the girls love them. the tuile ones just always gets stuck in funky postitions and it drives me crazy. i will definitely be making a few for xmas gifts. thanks!

  2. beautiful idea! i have only done the tulle method but this idea is much more interesting ( -:
    xo Malia

  3. Very cute, very easy...or at least it looks that way. Will have to try it out. Thanks for sharing.

  4. A girl should love the shabby look of this tutu! I had a dress like this a long time ago but I still L-O-V-E some raggy skirts on myself! (And particularly anything raggy, that is.)

    I can't help but notice the little princess wearing the tutu on the photo. Is she the one with the ladybug costume in your Halloween post?

  5. Miss Vanilla,
    The girls are different, clients of my photography business :)