Halloween photo overlay with The Letter 4

You know the feeling when you find a new blog (that has some great content built up) and you ask yourself "How have I not been here before?!" and spend way to much of the day getting lost in that blog?  That's how I felt when I found The Letter 4. There are four fabulous ladies that call it home, but today I'm so excited to kick off the Halloween season with Jamie!

Hi I'm Jamie! Howdy howdy howdy. I blog over at
I'm not the only one you'll meet over there, I've also got my crazy awesome talented 3 other sisters over there with me. What I love about running a blog with my sisters is that we all have different talents so we pretty much cover everything in our blog!
I'm so glad I get the chance to do a quick guest post here at Mary Jane's and Galoshes! When I saw that name I knew it was going to be the cutest blog ever :)
We haven't done any Halloween posts over at our blog yet and I wanted to kick off one here today!
Behold the spider photo overlay. You can download this and lay it onto your photos in photoshop to give it that spooky feel I know your looking for it being October now and all!
(that is my daughter by the way, isn't she the sweetest?!)
click here to download black spider I hope you have fun with this, I'm planning on offering a lot more doodle overlays coming soon! Thank you so much Taylor for having us you are awesome!


  1. Okie dokie... coming over to your blog to check out that cool spider web!

  2. I love that the sisters each have their own beautiful hair color!
    That's art in itself!
    Cute idea with the spider web!

  3. Just to clarify in case it's confusing! There are two downloads, one for a black spider overaly and one for a white one! If you you have any problems with them please let me know (the white spider might look blank but it should work, *should hehe)

    Thank you so much Taylor! You are so sweet and your blog is completely amazing!

  4. Awesome! Thats my sister! Haha. I crack myself! Jamie, you always amaze me. I'll call ya lata, gata! -jade

  5. l love it as always our pretty Jamie! I need to make a Pop & Gram picture with this overlay for our grandbabies! I love your blog as well Mary Jones and Galoshes! I love your take on style and your photos are wonderful! Thank you from the Mom of the Letter 4 girls, Julie!

  6. Oh! I just Love Halloween and all the fun things that go with it, especially the overlay. And you know I'm gonna be abnoxious & put it on basically every photo, not really (actually I probably will haha) Thanks for sharing Jamie & thank you Mary Janes & Goloshes, I love your blog & photos by the way:)