The details

Yesterday I revealed my finished True Value deck! We are really enjoying the space and I wanted to take share with you some of the details that make the space so cozy! 

When I think of cozy, I think of pillows.  I fell in love with that front pillow cover because it's so unique!  Both of these pillow covers as well as the one on the pink chair in the background are from Moxie Mandie. I love her shop, it's modern, simple and clean. 

The blanket I picked up at Marshal's, the other size has a gorgeous quilted patchwork pattern.  I just love it!
Hanging above the glider couch is a moss wreath from The Walnut Street House.  The wreath is perfect for hanging anywhere because the entire wreath is finished off beautifully so you don't have to worry about the back showing.  I think it's as pretty from the back as it is from the front (as you can see below)!  I hung it with a simple stain ribbon.

The bistro style "christmas" lights I bought at Target.  I love the round bulbs like the ones you see in bistros.  The dining room table was actually dropped off free from a neighbor, it was in sad shape, but a quick tack here and there and a fresh coat of True Value paint and we were good as new!  I used an outdoor paint as I knew the table would be exposed outdoors.

This table is actually an old laundry cart I picked up at a yard sale (I was beside myself excited!) with an enamel top set on top to make a table.  It's the perfect spot for all our movie snacks.  The MaryJanes and Galoshes tub is perfect for ice and drinks!  It also makes a great popcorn tub when we have a crowd :)  You can write what ever you like on them through Southern Proper Monograms.  That is also where the gorgeous wood scroll monogram hanging in the back is from (it's the large, 18 inch option).

The candles seen throughout are from True Value, as well as the small personal fireplace in the photo above (it's the thing behind the orange votives).  The mercury glass vases were made by me, I posted a tutorial about it a while back. 

I think that covers everything, but if I missed something you want to know about just ask!


  1. I love pillows outdoors as well, but I always forget them out there when it rains and then have to deal with soggy pillows. They sure look inviting though!

  2. you always invent such cute stuff...this setting looks very inviting. invite me over for snacks any time! or crafts, of course. but food is my first love. :)