The Big Reveal- My True Value Hardware Deck Re-Do!

I'm so excited to finally review the results of my deck re-do with True Value Hardware!  We started out with a plan, picked out paint- then painted, we fixed the screen door, made a light fixture, encountered a swarm of bees (YUCK!) and now we are finally finished!

So here was my BEFORE-

And here is my AFTER!!!!

We painted everything, the wood on the deck, the cement, the dining table, the pink umbrella table, the awning over the grill!  There isn't much paint (or spray paint) can't fix!  For the pink table I used Krylon spray paint in "Watermelon" (it was originally black).  The awning is a canvas material and was painted with the new Krylon H2O latex paint.  Which is just latex paint in a can, but worked very well for this application. I of course purchased all of my paint at my local True Value Hardware.  

Those cute kids chairs you see under the awning are also from True Value, they have a great selection of patio furniture!

My favorite thing about the deck is probably how we use it at night!  It's our own little drive in theater!


All of the lighting really creates a nice mood at night.  The tent lights are off during the movie or it's to bright for the projector.  I set up a little movie night snack table and everyone settles in....

I will post more details on the decor tomorrow!


  1. Oh... it's perfect! Such great useable space for your family and I REALLY love the nighttime look.

    True Value? LOVE THEM!

  2. What a fun space!!! I love the lighting!!!

  3. What a transformation! It's fab! Love in the first pic your little one with his hands over his ears!! Bless him! Lovin the movie theatre idea too, very clever!

  4. Before you had this post, I had NO idea of what True Value have to offer. I have been stopping in at all the local ones now to see their seasonal inventory. This summer they had a huge free standing a/c they offer....next spring it's mine!
    I love that they run specials at great prices....Big, outdoors covered garbage cans for 9.99....I got 2.
    Love the night time use with the movie screen, what a calming way to unwind at the end of the day!

  5. So in love!!!!


  6. Awesome, awesome awesome! Can I come over to watch a movie? I'll bring the Junior Mints!


  7. That is Beautiful. Would Definatley Love to Spend Time There :P x

  8. Looks amazing-- what a fabulous space to entertain!

  9. This is beautiful! I love the lighting!!!