MN or bust!

We are headed out!
It's been a little quiet around MJ&G.com lately!  We have been busy bees getting ready for the haul to MN and Junk Bonanza!  The trailer is loaded up, our bags are packed, and away we go!  If your lucky enough to be headed there too (to shop or sell) be sure to pop in and say hello to Galoshes and me!  We have a booth in the front (tent) room, left hand side when your coming from the entrance.  
Any e-mails sent during the time will not be responded to until we return home Sunday or Monday.  Have a fabulous week! 


  1. Here is a link to the Junk Bonanza layout. We are space 103 in the tent room.
    If you have never been to JB...OH My!!!!
    What a great way to spend the day!!!! The Hand Made Market is going on at the same time, make it a weekend event!! They are just a few miles apart!
    Galoshes {Lisa}

  2. Opps...forgot the link.