Heelys Shoes Review

Did you guys ever have Heely's as a kid?  My BFF growing up had an awesome pair she zipped around on for a very long time.  I was not brave enough myself (or all that coordinated) to get a pair myself.  A while back my husband mentioned he had joked with a guy at work that he needed to get "those shoes with the wheels in them" because he walks around so much at work.  We laughed at the visual of him zipping around the construction site in a pair of Heely's.  Heely's ears must have been burning, because shortly after I was asked if I wanted to try a pair out!  It was just to funny to pass up.  My kids are 4 and under so I decided I just HAD to get a pair for the husband (he can not actually wear them to work as they are not steel toe mind you, but funny none the less!).  The wheels are removable so I knew that after we had our laughs at him rolling around (and showing the kids what a hip dad he can be) he would be able to wear them as regular tennis shoes.

Heely's offers lots of different designs and colors for everyone in the family.  I chose a classic white with black accents.  I have a thing for whit shoes, minimalist, but decided the black trim offered some nice definition for my husband who does not share my love of all white sneakers!

See the little wheel popping out under there?  Here..... take a better look.

When the wheels are out there is a plate that pops into place, so you don't have a big hole in your shoe.  Out of the box they had a bit of red from the shoebox on the toe and heel.  It was easily removed with a bit of goo gone, not a huge deal, but if your giving these as a gift you will want to inspect them first for this issue.  We popped in the wheels and went out to the driveway for some entertainment!

My husband is pretty athletic, I did not give him any pointers before he attempted to wheel himself along.  At first he tried to walk and glide, that so does not work.  You need to go all in, running start, go for it!  They do offer a version of shoe that has two wheels for easier use, which I would get if I had gotten these for a child, but if you commit and go for it with the running start, you can quickly get the hang of these.

After the first test out we took out the wheels and he has been wearing them as shoes so that I could tell you all about them.  We have been testing them out for a few weeks now and can happily say they are just as comfy as a shoe as they are entertaining as a skate!    And really, a great deal!  When my kids get a bit older we will be ordering some for them as well! Check out the site, I think you will be surprised at how affordable they are. 


  1. Have to say it...I'm not a fan of those shoes. They were really huge here about 5 years ago and they ended up being banned in a lot of stores and schools. It's been a long time since I have seen anyone wearing them. More power to your husband though...I don't think I have ever seen an adult in Heely's. ha ha!

  2. These just got bought for my husband for our anniversary!! LOL. He always jokes about how he wants them (just to annoy me) and I think he'll love them. Thanks!!!

  3. I never had the nerve, but I was already entering old ladyhood when these came onto the scene.

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  5. It was easily removed with a bit of goo gone, not a huge deal, but if your giving these as a gift you will want to inspect them first for this issue. roller derby