Feedsack Headband (or belt!)

In preparation for Junk Bonanza, I've been sewing up some feed sack pillow and totes which means I have lots of scraps! One of the things I decided to make from the scraps are these cute ruffle headband/belts. 

For the headband I used some elastic that I hot glued into a loop.  I cut my feed sack scraps into circles, folded each circle into a pie piece and glued on in a fan motion to create the ruffle.  A couple feathers stuck in one end and voila! 

The belts can also be worn as headbands.... but they are on long ribbons rather than elastic.  Tie them around your head, around your waist, where ever you like.  


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  2. This is super cute, and oh my goodness, she's UH-dorable!!


  3. cute headbands! I also love your pattern covered mannequin - what a clever idea!

  4. So beautiful. I love the belt too.

  5. Cute and loveley! Going to make that for my sis... :)