Easy Canvas Prints

Check out these awesome canvases!

In the process of setting up my photography business I've been collecting display pieces to show off my work.  I'm beside myself excited to start showing off this canvas from Easy Canvas Prints!

The canvas is just the perfect way to show off my work and I LOVE this image!!!  It's my cousin's baby, Lily, isn't she stunning.  This was actually one of the first images I took when I decided to get serious about things. 

I chose to have a thick canvas frame (1.5 inch) so that I could stand it up as a display piece on a table.  You have a variety of choices for the edge of the canvas, but I really love the black option for a nice crisp edge.  The canvas is wrapped perfectly without any shift in the edge and the corners are so neat and pristine!

The back has a little hook for hanging.

Don't worry about the amount that overhangs on the back, the canvas is nice and thick so you can't see through the front at all.  The texture is also really nice, it almost looks like a painting.  

The ordering process is extremely user friendly!  Their is a preview that shows you exactly how your image will crop so that you don't accidentally chop things off.  To me that's extremely important because I'm a crop control freak LOL.  Something else that really surprised me that I LOVED about the website is the option to use one of THEIR images.  They have a huge selection of gorgeous photographs separated into categories to make them easy to search.  Your sure to find something to go with your decor, then you choose any size canvas you like and you have really inexpensive, custom art!  

I can't say enough good things about my canvas.  If your in the market for a way to display that great family photo, or looking for some fun art, check out Easy Canvas Prints


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