Camping Party Camper Decoration Tutorial

Did you spot the fun camper from my camping party?

Want to make one?
What you need-
Large piece of cardboard, I taped two together, you can too.  Or use foam core board if you like.
Paint (just acrylic craft paint and some brushes)
Scrap fabrics
Glue Dots

This project does require a minor amount of drawing ability (unless you have a projector).  First I drew up a sketch of what I wanted the large camper to look like on a small piece of paper.

Then draw it large scale onto your cardboard.

Paint your background colors....

Outline in black.... I knew I wanted the curtains cut out for actual fabric so I used my blade to cut the curtain portion out of the window.

I chose a few fun colored fabric scraps, one for the curtains and a couple for a bunting.

Cut triangles out of the bunting fabrics.  For the curtains, cut a rectangle larger than the openings so that you can bunch them up to look draped. Grab your glue dots, turn the camper over, and adhere the curtains to the back.

Again with the glue dots, place your bunting flags on the front.

Now have a party!  How fun is that.


  1. Oh mamma mia!!!
    Ma è carinissimo!!!

    Brava =)

  2. That trailer is such a great, bold graphic element. Love it. You are a really good artist.

  3. super cute!! I'm glad to have discovered your blog :)

  4. adorable... and super creative

  5. REALLY want to know where you purchased that fish fabric?!

  6. Melissa,
    That fish fabric actually came in a sewing kit I had purchased on etsy. not sure who it's by

  7. Sounds like a fun craft. I recommend a very sharp knife to make the whole process faster and more safer. gerber knives

  8. That camper decoration looks great. You can also include cut photographs of guests there for more personalization.

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  9. So cute. I love that little camper and the bunting is so sweet.