Thin Mint Anyone?

Okay.... so I'm not a girl scout.  Actually, I was for a short bit, I was terrible at selling cookies.  To the point that Galoshes (my mother) actually ordered a large lot of cookies for me to go around and sell AFTER the fact because I had not successfully sold ANY cookies during the time I was actually supposed to.....  I've never been a sales person, and now I'm getting off track.

So obviously I'm not selling cookies here, I'm busy crafting and coming up with new fun projects to share with you all :)  My blog is my therapy and a great outlet for me and the fact that you happen to enjoy reading along and occasionally throw me a comment or word of support amazes me, THANK YOU!

You all know I've been practicing my photography lately in hopes that I can make a go of  it  and am going to be wildly successful :)  In effort to educate myself and prepare for my career I would love to take some wonderful online workshops taught by amazing photographers whom I would be grateful to learn from.  Don't worry, I'm not going anywhere, we have a deck to finish and many projects to be shared!  But I can't do it all.... on my own :)  So I thought I would reach out to my supporters and hold myself a tiny fundraiser (get the cookie reference now?). Here's my pitch- $1 (I'd ask you to "buy me a cup of coffee" but let's face it, where can you get coffee for $1 anymore?!) to be used toward my creative education.  In exchange I promise to continue to share fabulous projects with you all :)  

Thank you!!! For those of you new here, I promise this isn't a regular thing :) Remember..... I'm a terrible cookie seller :)


  1. I bought you a cup of coffee... kind of! Enjoy and good luck- so excited to see what you come up with- no pressure though! Haha!

  2. Thanks Meggie.. and everyone else who has donated!! I appreciate it more than you know.