Temptu Airbrush Make-up and Self Tanner Review

I don't tan..... partially because my skin takes FOREVER to get a golden glow (I tanned in a bed every day for six months before my wedding and my husband, who tans easily but is super light skinned naturally, was still ten shades darker than me!) and partially because it's awful for your skin.  It took us decades to come around to pale skin and I'm not sure that people sun warship the way they used to with all we know now.... but either way, I have no shame in admitting that I occasionally rock a self tan!  Fair skin is beautiful, my bronzer is my bff, but every once and a while I want a glow that makeup just won't give me and I turn to tan in a can.  Well now it's tan in an airbrush..... SOOOO much easier and nicer to apply than the aerosol cans or (gasp) the lotion!

If you haven't used a self tanner since the days of turning orange, let me be the first to tell you, they have come a LONG way! A few years ago now they finally figured out how to make a natural looking glow come out of that self tanner and with the added effect of being able to spray it on (rather than rub and streak) it is ten times easier (and more natural looking) than it used to be!  I came across the Temptu system through Sephora.com and I immediately intrigued by their new self tanning product (they started out with amazing makeup, which I will tell you about too!).

So here is my before and after with a light coat of the face tanner.  Excuse my creepy stare!  I really prefer to be BEHIND the camera :)

The darkness of the tan depends on a few things.  The airbrush itself has a dial you can adjust for how much of the product comes out.  Since I'm so fair skinned to begin with I kept my brush on light.  If you prefer a darker tan you can crank it up, or layer it!  Make sure you don't forget your neck and chest, I don't know what I was thinking the first time.... I looked like a fool.  But luckily the Temptu system is so easy to use I just popped my tanning cartridge back in and put a light coat on my neck and chest.  By the next morning I was all even!  So what is it?  Here is what it looks like... this is the brush itself with the tanning pods.  This image shows the two different tanners (face and body). 

 The tanner system I used is this one....

It has the face tanner, the color of the pod is different than the one shown on the Temptu website but I think it's the same thing since it says face tanner.  Above you see the primer (white pod), face tanner, and a bronzer (like your makeup bronzer).  The thing that confused me when I found this tan system at first was I thought the pods themselves worked like an airbrush, they do not!  You need to have the actual air brush in order to use them!  Please don't be confused.  They will not work on their own.

I found the system really easy to use.  It comes with a short DVD that shows how to load, apply, and unload the airbursh.  Really you're just snapping each pod in as you go through your steps.  I had zero mess which amazed me!  You can check out their videos here if you want to see it in action!   The pods come with a stand to hold them all upright which makes for a pretty display in your makeup area.  The airbrush itself is nice looking and stores easily! 

If you get any spots that are dark or that you didn't like (maybe you made a mistake and had a streak) you can use the tan prep pod to lighten that area.  It exfoliates the skin and removes the tanner evenly.  Otherwise the tan naturally fades after 48 hours.  I found the fade to be much more natural than tanners I have used in the past.   After my tan developed I applied the bronzer and the rest of my makeup.  Here is the finished look.

On that note I want to tell you a little more about the makeup they have.  I'm so LOVING the foundation.  It has this natural glow to it that makes your skin look amazing.  I mentioned the other day in my hair post that I was wearing the makeup (foundation, blush, and highlighter).  This is WITHOUT the bronzer or self tanner.

Of course you can wear your makeup darker than I do, you may like more blush or whatever.  I like that this foundation can look really natural or you can really layer it on if you need to.  I apply my concealer before I do the foundation.  You can adjust the flow of the makeup making for lighter or heavier coverage.  For me I like to use spot concealer where needed then a medium coverage on the foundation.  I was afraid that the makeup would make a mess in my hairline, I had even panicked that I didn't have a shower cap to protect my blond hair and the tanner or foundation would make a mess of my hairline.  No worries!  The air blows through the brush even when your not applying the product so you can really feel where your spraying and the trigger gives you great control over the product.  I had zero weird hair incidents!

If you have any questions about the system or how it works I would be happy to answer them for you!  I'm beside myself in love with it.  You may think the foundation is a bit pricey at first (if your a drug store makeup user like me), but when you see how long it lasts (I have been using mine for a while now and it doesn't look like I've even made a dent in it) I think you will find it's a great value! PLUS, that cost is for TWO pods so in the long run it's a major steal! And in case you're having a hard time choosing a shade (they have a helpful shade finder you can use) I chose a 4.  It's flexible enough that I can even use this shade with the self tanner (as with one tan application, not layered).  So if your skin tone fluctuates you don't have to worry about having a ton of shades.  

If you want to see more great before and afters of their products check out their facebook page (click like while your there to get all the updates!).


  1. I am scary white too. I tanned for years in Arizona mind you and my skin looks like it too. Friends sort of chastise me for not getting out in the sun, but some of them look hard as leather. boo hiss. I may try this method too that you are using.

  2. The only time I ever had a tan was when I lived in the Philippines which is on the equator. (Dad was in the navy). I am super white, my friends used to say I glowed when I was in black lights lol.

  3. It looks amazing! You are so beautiful :)

    Found your absolutely lovely blog on Tatertots and Jello! Yay, so happy I did :D I'm going to follow your tutorial...I'll link back with pictures when I do!


  4. Take it from a California gal stay out of the sun and use this spray tan instead. At 40 I could not believe the wrinkles around my eyes because I use to lay out in the sun religiously during summer. Thanks for sharing this with us!

  5. Well, this sure beats having to lie around baking in the sun. Here's another addition to the list of things I have to suggest to the wife.

    airbrush classes

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