Lego Themed Birthday Party!

I recently realized I had shared the Lego Party invite with you... but I became so busy with everything else that I forgot to share the rest of the party yet!  Here it is!!!

It was one of those parties that you love as a host because it didn't take a lot of money to pull it together yet it was still a ton of fun.   A lot like my Charlie and Lola party which I did for very little money (right before Christmas!).  Of course having a summer birthday where you can be outside is ALWAYS a plus to the budget! Balloons as a huge impact (I think) so hit your local dollar store and get some (or rent a helium tank, they have the take home ones that you can buy but they aren't a great deal).  I love the bold color balloons she used to go with the Lego colors!  The bounce house is always a big hit (They bought one after renting a couple times, also a big money saver).

One thing this party did take a lot of (because of the awesome centerpieces!) was pep time!  But it was quality family time!  Check them out.

The one on the right actually had a whole "Harry Potter" train that ran along the ends, very cute but I didn't get it in my pics.

There were fun Lego games for all......

The traditional spoon race with a twist of a lego tower.  There was also a timed tower building competition.

And a lego drop from under your chin into the cup.  Hudson cheated a bit at this one.... see how far he's bent down to get close to the cup... yeah... he eventually just bent all the way over AND used his hand to drop it in.  Gotta watch that one!

The littler ones enjoyed some basketball time (with dad's help).

I just love that picture!  I'm sure we will treasure it for years.  

And of course.... no party is complete without favors!

Did you know there is Lego candy?  I totally thought I was going to impress my fellow Capricorn cousin (the hostess) by bringing her a bag of Lego candy, thinking she could add it here and there to her party.  Well of course, since she's every bit of Capricorn I am..... she already had some tucked in the favor bags!  Not to mention the CUTEST Lego man crayons!!!!  Seriously, they were crayons made in Lego man molds!  They would have made the best pics...... kicking myself..... it was such a long drive to the party that by the time we got home everyone had to be carried inside and the poor logo men spend the night in the (hot) car..... rest in piece little guys.  But the kids did enjoy coloring with them on the way home!

oh.... and in case your wondering about the cake.... the birthday boy requested ice cream sundaes instead (how fun is that!).  So there was no cake and I was to busy wrangling three little ones and several ice cream sundaes to get any pics.   What's your favorite birthday party treat?


  1. Such a cute theme!


  2. My favorite birthday party treat is the cake. I just love birthday and wedding cakes. There is a bakery in Las Vegas that sells wedding cake by the slice and when I was visiting one time I went in and bought just a slice. It was soo good!

  3. WHat a great party. And you documented it beautifully!

  4. Looks great-beautiful photos as always!

    I have just linked to other Lego party ideas on my blog but missed your post.
    If you have time do you mind linking to your post using the "Add your link" button on the bottom of the post here:
    I'd love to share your ideas with other Lego parents.