Bubbo Tubbo Photographer Organizer Printable

My schedule is so out of wack this week with the holiday!  Then blogger pulled a fast one on me and published my post at 8PM yesterday rather than 8AM as I normally post!  So id you missed yesterday's post be sure to check out the Lego Party

In preparation of reaching my goal of being a "real" photographer I've been collecting information and resources from all over.  During my search I came across this amazing printable (or you can purchase the hard copy) organizer made just for photographers!!!  It's absolutely perfect for me because it has all the things I don't have enough experience for to create myself!

Craft paper makes everything prettier doesn't it!  Those cute tabs are included in both the printable and hard copy versions of the organizer.  Of course in the printable version you will need to find your own craft paper, but I think it really makes a difference in the look. 

The organizer is an amazing 33 pages!  Filled with calendars (monthly, weekly and daily!), expense sheets, release forms, to do lists, vendor lists, client forms, contact info, packing lists, prop lists, brainstorming sessions and so much more!  I know the planner is going to really help me in getting started. 

Not everyone wants to be a photographer..... maybe your getting married and need a wedding planner?  Or having a baby? Maybe your going on a trip!  All of the printable organizers come with all the great calendars and plenty of extras.  The Letter planner is great for keeping your home in order while running an etsy shop! She even builds custom planners if you have an idea for something she doesn't currently offer (that's how the photography planner was born!)

What ever you have going on, Bubbo Tubbo has an organizer for you.  And I just have to share her amazing custom calligraphy work!!!

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