Preparing your space

Continuing with my Outdoor Living Space.... today we are going to prep our space.  Both the cement and the wood of the deck had been painted in the past.  They are for the most part bare right now, there was some (brick red) paint left on the rails of the wood, and a little on the edges of the concrete. 

As the wood has been around for years, there was some moss and rough spots on parts of the railings.  If your surface has these kinds of impurities it's important that you take the time to remove them before you paint.  Trust me, you do not want all your paint to chip off in the first year because you didn't prepare your surface.

Of course you will need to clear everything off before you pressure wash.  You need it all off to paint anyway.  You may also need to tape off around areas you don't want painted.  If your using a paint sprayer (like we are for parts) there may be things you need to cover and protect from over spray. 

Can't wait to get that paint we picked down and see some major progress!

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  1. When we lived in Maryland we used to get green moss like stuff growing on the wall of the shady side of the house. Soooo, my husband bought me my very own power washer! HA.... it's awesome!!!