Camping Birthday Party Prep

It's just over thirty days until my oldest turns FOUR!  This has officially become the last year that I will get away with controlling the theme of his party without allowing him input.  I knew this day would come.... the other day he asked if we could change his party to a monster truck party! Ugh, sorry little dude, you'll have to wait until next year mommy takes like six months to prepare for parties so I'm well underway on the camping theme! I guarantee he will love the party though, I'm so very excited about some of the ideas!  I'm starting to see some camping parties pop up here and there, but for the most part there isn't much in the way of examples out there so the ideas have really been pretty original!  I can't wait to share the full thing with you!

I've been gathering supplies from Shindigz, I love to shop online!  I'm most excited about the balloon lights.  They are little LED lights that go inside the balloon so they glow!  I'm going to have a dark room as part of the party (there will be a faux campfire and everything!) so the glowing balloons will be a fun touch.  I did consider the glow in the dark balloons... but decided the LED lights would be more fun to try and I'm hoping they give a little more of a moody feel than the glow in the dark would.

I have a fun favor project coming up to that I can't wait to share, but today I wanted to show off the invites.

I started from scratch using a photo of a chalkboard subway art I found on Pinterest as my inspiration.  Using Photoshop Elements I started with a free texture background I've had, I think I got it off flikr, they have a lot of texture groups that offer free textures.

Then with a tiny star bust brush (actually I used two different ones just for depth) I randomly dotted some star burst dots across the texture layer.  Choose a few fonts you like and start layering the information.  Don't be afraid to change the font size of a single letter (like the H&N in Hudson).  I used periods in a large font size to create the dotted line dividers. 

This party didn't require a ton of information, but this style of invite is great for parties that do!  You can fit a lot of text and still have the invite look fun.  Excuse my blurred mess there, it's important not to share too much info these days!

I scribbled a little scene on each envelope for added fun when it arrives in the mail!

Stay tuned for more camping party inspiration!

By request, here is a list of the fonts I used on the invitation.  I download free fonts from a couple sites but my favorite is dafont  so it's most likely I've gotten these there.  If not, a quick google search should find them for you!

oops!  That "Snell ound" was supposed to say snellbound!  I must have an error in my font file. 


  1. They look awesome - I have a woodland themed baby shower coming up, so I can't wait to see what other great ideas you ahve!


  2. They look great. Simple invites are the best I think...Love your drawings on the envelopes!

  3. My favorite part is the scribbled red tent and pine trees on the envelopes... Genius!


  4. LOVE the invites! Do you mind sharing the names of the fonts you used? They are awesome! :)

  5. What a great theme! Those invites are so so cool. Can I ask if you got all those fonts in PSE too?

  6. Very cool party idea. I love those fonts that you used for the invites. Thanks for the links.

  7. What great invitations. Totally cool! We've posted some camping party ideas at Creative Party Themes. Come on by and take a look! :)