Typography Fabric Canvas Tutorial

I recently made some fun wall art for my nieces' birthdays.  It was fun and simple to do so I thought I would share a quick how to with you!  If you've ever had a canvas that your project didn't turn out quite how you wanted it to (like you thought you could paint and turns out not so much?), this is the perfect use for that canvas. 

I will admit that I was making these last minute so I was to rushed to take step by step photos (sorry!).  But it was really easy so I don't think you'll need it.

First, wrap your fabric of choice around your canvas and staple to the back.  So it's like your re-stretching the canvas with fabric, but right on top of the canvas already there.  Then decide what you want on your canvas.  Here's the only tricky part..... I have a projector (you know, the ones your math teacher used to use to walk you through that algebra equation that looked like Latin?) well, we don't need the Algebra (thank goodness) but you either need a projector OR print your words out the size you want them on the canvas and use carbon paper to transfer. Any way to you want to do it, get your words outlined onto your canvas.

Once it's on there, fill it in with plain old paint, what ever you have.  I used acrylic craft paint.  It may take a couple coats depending on the fabric you want to cover and the color paint your using. 

If your using a fabric with a lot of pattern (like the one above) you may never get it thick enough to completely cover (unless your using a really dark color).  It's okay for the fabric to show through a bit. 

Once you have your base color you can go back with a paint pen and do an outline just to make the words pop.  I did a messy, sketchy outline with mine, you can decide if you like it sketchy or neat.  Actually my decision was made for me...... I didn't have the right color paint pen and the nearest store to buy one is an hour away (I know! crazy) so I called the local auto supply store and they said they had touch up paint in a pen form.  Are you laughing at me yet?  Turns out the pens were ball point, which wasn't working on my canvas, but luckily they also had a nail polish like brush in them so that's what I ended up using, not exactly conducive to nice straight, pretty lines, so I worked with it rather than against it. But hey, it's part of working with what you have!


  1. I Love this! It would be super fun for wedding signage too, like at the photo booth or the cake.

  2. this is so adorable!!! i have a birthday this weekend, hope you dont mind i use your fab ideas!!!!just joined in on your blog, hope you ck mine out too!!!

  3. I ABSOLUTELY love this! And the fabrics/colors your chose for your demo are delightful! This is on my {ever expanding} TO MAKE to do list!


  4. I love this! I am doing a couple birthday parties and baby showers and I will totally work this idea in! I have painted canvases and then modge podged sayings and scenes! Super Cute!


  5. way cute!!! love it! Would be super cute in my daughters room with the bright fun fabrics!! Yay

    blog stalker ;) jeneal

  6. MJ&G - I posted a blog on a canvas sign I did early this year and link back to yours ... check it out when you get a minute!


  7. I love this, Taylor! I'm going to try and make one myself! *fingers crossed*

  8. Thanks! I may have to give this a try!

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