Makeup Inspiration

I've mentioned that I'm slightly addicted to Pinterest. One of my favorite things about it has been finding new hair and makeup inspiration, which has inspired me to start playing with new looks. I thought I would share a makeup look I'm liking right now that's not over the top and would work for anyone.

I hate taking pictures of myself, can you tell? LOL.  Much rather be behind the camera! Something I'm working on though.

Please ignore what looks to be like a huge difference in skin tone here, different rooms, different lighting.  I'm very pale.

For this looks I used these products......

You won't need the specific brands of course, but in case you want to know (because I usually do!)......

Just one eye shadow shade (gold), lid to brow bone.  Fully lined eye with a bit of a cat eye.  You can also set your eye liner with a bit of matching eye shadow and an angle brush (I used Creep from the same Naked Pallet). Nude lips and pale cheeks.


  1. You look great! I can never pull of the smoky eye look. The color just smears and makes me look like I have black eyes. I think it's because my eyes are so almond?

  2. I am so not brave to post a picture of me, but you look darling! Love the eye makeup! I've been playing up my eyes lately, so fun!

    Just heard of Pinterest and I need to jump on that. Great idea!


  3. Great job! I love it.. new makeup & hair is one of my favorite things to do on Pinterest. Check out my blog when you get a second:

  4. Taylor, I just gave you an award today! Head on over to my blog to check it out!