Color my summer ♥YELLOW♥ Hat Tutorial

Today's tutorial is part of the Kojo Designs and Delia Creates event.......

 I'm very excited to be a guest, for those of you new here, thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoy today's project on YELLOW!  Of course you could make it in any color you like, I just happen to be partial to yellow lately :)

I have three small kids, all of which got my sensitive (to light) blue eyes.  I can barely look at the sky on even a cloudy day without my eyes watering.  The boys love baseball caps (although I do mention steps for altering this project for boys!!), but they get expensive and girl's are harder to find with the added challenge of coordinating with the outfit.... everything is harder when your a girl right?  Anyway, I'm a little obsessed with yellow right now, it makes me happy, so when given the chance I jumped on the color.  

A hunt through my fabric stash and I found an old t-shirt that didn't flatter me any longer, don't rule out your old clothes when hunting for fabric!  So here is the t-shirt I started with-

What else you need-
Adult hat with brim to make template (directions below)
Fusible interfacing (and an iron)
Sewing machine (serger optional)

For template- Grab your favorite hat (adult side) and trace the brim.  For the part that's attached to the hat, draw a straight line.  Cut it out adding a 1/4 inch all the way around for seam allowance. 

Cut out two brims and two strips from your fabric.  If your using a stripe (or pattern that's direction specific) be sure to pay attention to which direction your cutting your pieces.  My strips are 2.5 inches by 25 inches long for my two year old daughter.  If your child is older you will want to add to the 25 inch length (about an inch for each year over two should do it!). By the way, the boys actually liked this project too once I was done, so for a boy's version I will be shortening the straps a bit and adding velcro (rather than a tie closure).  So if you have boys, or prefer the velcro idea then have at it!

Also cut two brims from your fusible webbing and iron onto each brim fabric.

Now place the two brims right side together and sew along the curve, leaving the flat side open.

Trim your extra seam allowance if needed and snip around the curve for easy turning.  (If your new to sewing, you need to make small slits in the seam allowance perpendicular to the line you just sewed.  This allows the fabric to lay nice on a curve once you turn it right side out.  Just be sure not to snip through your thread! )

Turn right side out and add a top stitch.

So now you have a nice little fabric pita pocket.  If you have a serge machine you can serge the edges of your strips.  Really since this is made from a knit fabric (which doesn't fray) you really don't need to serge, but I like to....... I'm a little addicted to my serge machine really.... do they have meetings for that?

You don't really need a photo for this step, but I had to share my yellow nails, I told you I'm a bit in love with yellow right now!

Anyway, fold each strip in half and mark the center.  Then mark the center of your brim and line all the centers up like a brim sandwich with the right sides of the strip fabric facing the right sides of the brim.

Sew down the entire side of the strip with the brim enclosed.  Now gently roll the brim up so that it fits inside the strips and pin the other side shut.  Sew along the second side of the strips so you now have a tube (with the brim inside) and the ends open.

Turn everything right side out again.  Your brim should bounce back to life, you can iron it flat again if you need to.  Tuck your ends of the tube in and sew each end shut.

If your doing the boy version, or just prefer the velcro, now would be the time to add it.  This girly one is just tied on!

Easy right!  And adorable if I do say so myself. 


  1. That's just the cutest hat and I think maybe some of us big girls might like wearing something fashion forward like that in the summertime too!


  2. Hey Taylor!! What a super-cute idea - I love it :-). I will definitely be doing these for Savannah and Matilda. I'm totally stumped for my "purple" idea for next week........you're really set the bar high on the cuteness factor. Go girl!!


  3. Soft, easy, adorable. Precious, too.

  4. SO STINKIN CUTE! I can't wait to make my girls one and ME one:)

  5. So sweet. I LOVE it. The tie in the back is my favorite.

    Just Another Day in Paradise

  6. Very cute! I'm a big fan of yellow too :)

  7. Love it! I think I might have to do this! I made little page boy hats for my girls when they were little. So fun!

  8. I love this idea. It is so original looking with the big bill and I love how it ties in the back to almost look like a bow.

    Great summer project!

  9. That is a totally adorable idea! I love it! Thanks so much.

  10. Ohmygosh! That is crazy cute... Too bad I am not a sewer! :)

  11. Love it! I made a couple for my girls today-so easy peasy. Thanks for the inspiration.
    About the surger anonymous group-I'm not sure that would work out too well. We'd probably end up inspiring each other to surge more :)

  12. That turned out SO cute! I really love it in yellow:). Can't wait to try this! My project list is getting WAY too long these days!

  13. Cute hat and darling hat model!


  14. AnonymousMay 18, 2013

    Very nice!! Thank you for the information. Love the yellow and the model is adorable.

  15. That is so brilliant! :D
    Love the idea of re-using an old T-shirt..
    -Going through a yellow phase too, if only a couple years late :P -
    Ta again.