Periwinkle Jazz Handmade Goodness!

I honestly do not have the words to express how cute I think the vintage inspired goodies are at Periwinkle Jazz!  Baby bloomers made from vintage hankies!!!  Seriously.  My lucky girl received some Periwinkle Jazz goodies for us to put to the test and she promptly fell in love with her paper doll inspired baby.
I love how the skirt has a matching baby on it, what little girl wouldn't love that!  There are a lot of different styles and options for both skirts and dolls (along with shirts and other items) in the Periwinkle Jazz shop.  Have a little girl's Easter basket to fill?  Nadia quickly decided that her baby MUST go to bed with her each night.  The baby has enjoyed lots of cuddling and still looks adorable!  The skirt has a nice cream colored lining on the inside which ads to it's quality. 

Who wouldn't want to find this little cutie in their Easter basket!

As a new MJ&G sponsor, Periwinkle Jazz is offering all of you a 10% discount off your ENTIRE purchase with coupon code MARYJANES10  But hurry, most of the items are one of a kind and everything is a bit different! 


  1. As a grandmother, I always love buying handmade dolls. I think it is a wonderful way to make a little one feel very special. And when years have past, those are the dolls that are kept as keepsakes!
    Beautiful shop!

  2. I love Periwinkle Jazz! big fan. Your sweet girl is ADORABLE! love seeing more of her!

  3. How adorable! One doll on her skirt and one in hand, precious!

    She is so glam in those pearls!


    1 Funky Woman