Embroidery Projects

Thought I would share some recent work in progress, and one finished!
A little sampler I've been dabbling on.

I kind of doodle in different squares as ideas come to me.   This one has a bit of a tea party theme.  You may have seen my woodland themed one in the past.

And my finished project, which lead to me FINALLY deciding what I want to be "when I grow up" :)
Something I really needed to tell myself, and it helped!  And just for fun, here is how I currently store my floss....
A big binder filled with plastic inserts that hold these fun sticks.  I'm not completely in love with the design, the number sleeves for the colors don't really stay on the tabs as they were designed to.  But it is a quick way to wind your thread as it's the same size as the skein they come in so you just take the paper off and transfer them right to the sticks without winding.  And they do now make stickers for the tabs you can use instead (or a marker as I tend to use!).

I also just made myself this fun little travel book from this tutorial ( I didn't realize my bias tape was thin until it was to late, so check out the link for a better example).

MJ&G is happy to have Kelly Moore Bags as a fantastic sponsor!  I carry my camera in style with the Libby bag from Kelly Moore.


  1. i love love love these projects...perfect colors and graphic phrases. I'm so jealous of your needlepoint skills!

  2. That's the Kelly Moore bag I want too. Aren't they just awesome! Oh, and one day I want to make a purdy little sampler too. Love the pastel colors you are giving it.


  3. Where did you find that quote? It's perfect for me right now! Looove the cute little sampler, too!

  4. So cute! I am glad you liked the tutorial! If you are on flickr I would LOVE it if you added your photos to the group page :)


  5. I BEG OF YOU!!! PLEASE don't get me into embroidery samplers. Have mercy on my husband and 5 kids.

    I. Must. Re. Frain.

    I'm so weak and yours is so gorgeous.


  6. super cute embroidery :) thanks for sharing!