Celebrating Mom (and a GIVEAWAY!)

Today is Galoshes' birthday!!!  It's no secret that Galoshes and I have a great relationship.  I wanted to take today to celebrate her.  So grab a slice of cake, it's huge and fondant covered, chocolate of course because if it's not chocolate it's not worth the calories (according to Galoshes).  I thought I would share some fun facts about Galoshes.

  • She puts whipped cream on just about everything, just because it makes her (or you) feel special.
  • Chocolate is her weakness (who doesn't have a weakness for chocolate!)
  • She has tried many times through out her life to force herself to like foods she does not like (like tomatoes) because she thinks she should like them.
  • She has pulled many nails out of her feet because she refuses to wear shoes unless absolutely necessary.
  • Before she learned that being a "dancer" meant you had to take your clothes off, she desperately wanted to be one.
  • She's dying to have a full head of silver hair (this will most likely never happen, naturally)
  • She's 49, going on 12
  • She LOVES books, but hates to actually read
  • She's a clutter bug, bit of a pack rat but desperately wants to be an organized minimalist.
  • She has always wanted to change her name (Lisa), maybe that's why she eventually caved and allowed me to change mine.
  • She HATES to shop, but LOVES to thrift and garage sale! 
  • She's an awesome dancer
  • She has a great little vintage etsy shop, Sommers Breeze Antiques 
  • She loves to bake
A while back I spotted this pie cooling on her counter and just had to take a picture.  She said "what are you doing?!" to which I replied "it's so pretty" She said "it's a bit to dark and it's running all over".  My mom (and as a result, myself) will not serve the less than perfect cookies (rejects we call them, and they are reserved for early snitching and taste testing, but NOT for company) and like our baked goods to be no less than magazine worthy LOL.  But you can't help but see the beauty in this oozing pie.

    So now you know a little more about Galoshes.  I can't say enough about how great of a mother she has been to me.  If you read Dear MaryJanes, you know this already.


    To celebrate moms everywhere (because Mother's Day is coming up!!!) we have a great sponsor giveaway from Simply Silhouettes who is Celebrating Moms!

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    Want a second entry? (you must complete the first option to participate in this entry) Tell me what your favorite thing is about YOUR mom.  Does she make the world's best cookies, squirt whipped cream from the can right into your mouth when you need a smile, dance in public to embarrass you?  Okay, maybe that's just MY mom :)

    Giveaway ends midnight on April 10th.  Good luck!


    1. OMG... the photo with the VW van is to die for... simply to die for. Love those days. I think I would really like your mom. I would have been a dancer too had I not had to take soooo many clothes off... LOL


    2. I think my mom would love the tray! We usually like the same things!

    3. My mom is just the sweetest person around. She is amazing, loving, and giving. She loves in a big way!

    4. Happy birthday to your precious mother! And I 100% agree: the pie photo's spectacular. That piece right there is the one I'd want-- ooze and all!

    5. Amazing! I was brought home from the hospital in a green VW exactly like the one in your photo. Hooray for Moms! : )

    6. I'm sure my mom would love a plate or a tray (and so would I!) Happy Birthday to your mom!

    7. My mom will drop what she's doing for anyone of us. She takes care of my grandma who has Alzheimer's, and still manages to attend every baseball game and any other function for her children or grandchildren. She is the strongest and most amazing woman I know.

    8. My mom would like the single silhouette paper print with scalloped border

    9. my mom is truly my best friend...she is always there when I need her

    10. You know, it really is a small world.

      I found MJ&G, then got to 'know' Taylor...then became enamored with Dear MJ then found out that Galoshes has transplanted to my home area in AR!

      life is crazy...wonderful...sometimes:)


    11. my mom would love to spend more time with my daughter, which is difficult since we live half a world away, literally.

    12. Happy birthday, Galoshes! My mom would love a tote!

    13. Happy Birthday to your MOM!! I would have to say the bag with the silhouettes is my fav for my mom. I can just see all the grandkids lined up for Mother's Day. For me I would get a plate with my family silhouette, actually we had Easter pics last week and did a pic like that too. Too CUTE!!

    14. One thing that I love, love, LOVE about my mom is she will sit down and listen. Don't get me wrong she likes to talk too. But when I have had it up to my neck in crazyness she will listen and give advice.

    15. I adore these bags and trays!! Great shop!

    16. Thank you all for all the BDAY wishes..and to Taylor for a sweet post!
      What is my favorite thing about my own mom?
      Even at 75 years old, she cares about herself, she stays young and keeps active, she swims and walks, she is younger at heart and in spirit that 99% of others her same age! She is up for a day trip, a week trip and is always game to go on an outing, just tell her where to be and what time to be there! She isnt getting left behind!

    17. We had a VW Bus also, it was a beige color.
      My mom would love the tote bag for her library books and I would have to put a family sillouette on there because there are 8 kids in the family. I am the 7th and never did get to learn how to drive on the VW!

    18. I recently had my second child, a girl, and her middle name is my mother's first. One day after work my mom met me in the staff parking lot with a full dinner to take home, including a half gallon of ice cream! I don't know how many moms would do that. She also brought me a smoothie one day as she knew I was going to get my hair cut on my break and that I could use the vitamins and antioxidants from the fruit. I learned this from one of my sisters recently. If we ever need cheering up my mom's solution is to get us a milkshake or in this case a smoothie.

    19. My mom would love to have a canvas silhouette of her 4 kids.
      Thank you for the opportunity!

    20. My favorite thing about my mom is that I can always count on her. She may not always listen as we talk on the phone(she doesn't think my sister & I know when she isn't listening but we do) she will start saying, 'mmmm hmm,and yeah,' while keeping her answers short.
      She has been very instrumental in my life and can't ever thank her enough for all she has done for me and my son!
      Now I have tears in my eyes thinking about all of the things she has and continues to do for me;}

    21. You have an Awesome Mom!!!

    22. My mom would love one of the paper weights for her office!

    23. My favorite thing about my mom is that she's always there for me. We live miles apart, but I know I can always count on her.

    24. I think my mom would love the canvases or the framed sihouettes (we used to get them done at Disneyland when we were kids -- a long time ago) so carrying on that tradition with her grandkids would be wonderful!

    25. one thing i love about my mom -- she just took a week off of work to come and help with her newest grandson! not an easy thing to do with her job -- take time off, fly up, and be here, but it was wonderful!

    26. My mom loves her children unconditional and will always be there for us. My mother will be 79 year old and get cold very easily. The soft junior hoodie sweat shirt sounds wonderful for her. Thanks for the contest.

      Love all of the cute tshirts and sweatshirts

    27. This is amazing! The bags would be amazing for the moms in our life!! Thank you!