Bump Smitten :)

I love the blog Bump Smitten!  It's the party planner in me, the site is filled with eye candy.  So I was beyond thrilled with Bump Smitten asked to share the MJ&G tutorial for the butterfly wreath! It was an extremely popular project last year when I started MJ&G and I'm thrilled to see it up on Bump Smitten!  If you've already seen the wreath then maybe I can at least introduce you to a great site you may not have found yet!  Just had to share my excitement.  Have a wonderful weekend! .


  1. How fun to be featured over there! Off to go check it out!


  2. I made this for my sculpture class in school after I saw it on your blog! My teacher said it was one of the best things I ever made! :) I owe it all to you,

    Thanks, Meagan :)