Winter Boots

I know, your thinking "it's almost spring, why are you talking about winter boots!".  BUT I happen to think this is the BEST time to buy winter boots.  End of season clearance sales, need I say more?  So I am now the happy owner of Whooga Ugg boots.  I'll admit, I was a bit behind on the Ugg boot trend, but in my defense I did not get my Whooga boots for trend purposes, they are REALLY warm and SUPER comfy.......and okay, they are CUTE! Maybe you didn't know that Whooga was an authentic Ugg brand, they are! These aren't knock offs, they are warm, cozy, authentic Ugg boots, and they are on clearance right now!

Last year I didn't find any clearance boots I loved, so I spent this past winter in a pair of generic Ugg boots.  They were okay, they got me through, but I will tell you there was more than one embarrassing moment where I was brought to my bum because they had ZERO traction.  In fact, I think the tread design actually ADDED to the slippery effect.  I was so relieved to find my Whooga boots actually have a tread pattern that keeps me on my feet.  That's not the only difference between my Whooga boots and my generic Uggs.....

So if your going strictly for style, you may get away with the generic brands just fine.  BUT if you want warm, cozy feet, (I live in Wisconsin so I'm not messing around, we get a ton of snow here people) then you want to order some REAL boots and I suggest you take advantage of the deals going on as we head into warmer seasons.  You'll thank me next winter when you pull out those boots that you got for a steal.

Oh..... I also want to mention, I have an issue with large calves and boots.  Whooga had this whole section with measurements to take so that you can choose the best style for your fit (they offer tall, short, and mini).  I really wanted the tall, but I took their advice and went with the short because of the calve issue.  I'm glad I did, there was a moment where I was trying to convince myself that the tall ones would stretch like my generic ones did, but the short aren't as short as I had imagined and they fit like a glove (a very comfortable glove).  So if your wondering which style you should order, take a moment to read the boot sizing guide.


  1. I feel a need to share my relief that I'm not the only person in blogland with calves that don't cooperate. :) Congrats on your great clearance find! I checked around this year for cheapies, but couldn't find any I love.

  2. I got my first pair of uggs this winter! I have the cardys. Love them! thecoolkidsblog.com

  3. If i hadn't gotten a great pair of boots for Christmas, I'd so be up for this clearance sale!
    Living in Fargo, I know exactly what you mean about needing great boots rather than 'ok' boots! Last winter I didn't even have boots and it was a long one!

  4. I never have liked those kind of boots. ]:

    I do feel your pain with the calves probably. D: It so hard TO find a pair of boots I like that cooperate with my calves.

  5. They're warm and they're cute, but not good for much else. No arch support at all.


  6. Snappy- I have VERY flat feet, so I don't have that problem :)