Photo Time Capsule

What a fun way to remember what we (or our kids!) were like at certain ages!  I came across this idea on flikr and had to try it out.  When my kids were born I started trying to write little letters to them or about them so that we would remember these little things, but I found that I wasn't good at keeping up on it.  I love how quick and easy it was to create this little time capsule and I love how it looks!

In case your unsure of how to do this.....
Find (or take) a photo of the person with them to the far side of the image and a large blank area (wall or otherwise) next to them.  Open your image in a photo editing program (which ever one you prefer) and grab your text tool.  Write out all your little thoughts, vary size and fonts, then drag each word where you want it.  I'm a bit of a font addict, if your looking for some fun (free) fonts dafont is usually my first stop. 


  1. What a wonderfully cute idea! I will have to try this out with my kiddos. Also I am so excited my Shabby Apple dress I won, thanks to you, is on it's way!!!

  2. what a fantastic idea. ill be doing this soon.

  3. This is a nice idea. I write letters to my daughters- but I am getting lazy. For both of them I made an album from their first year with some photos and my letters to them.
    Thanks for the link.

  4. Hey, just wandered over from A Woman's Haven! What a fantastic little idea this is! I'll have to give this a shot :D