OH NO! I broke it!

I'm still learning in this world of blogging and running a website.  I never imagined I would know anything about html code or how to fudge it enough to get it to do what I want and still actually work!  But with frazzled mommy brain and a late night hurried decision I managed to..... um......well.....kinda, sorta..... BREAK MY BUTTON!  
WHOOPS!  So if you were ever so kind as to add my button to your site (I knew we were friends!) you are now seeing a big ugly photobucket ad :(  The good news is, I have a working button, that will not break because on a brighter note MJ&G is now seeing so much traffic that I had to actually purchase an image hosting account.   Crazy!  So I have a HUGE favor to ask of you....... if you did have my button (or you didn't and you want to start showing it off!) would you please grab the new code from the sidebar :)  I've made it very easy, just cut and paste it where ever you like.  It's all ready to go and oh so cute.

♥Thanks so much!


  1. I'm loving the new look of your blog and the beautiful photos. TEACH me how!!!

  2. Hee hee... I make and install buttons for bloggers, but I always spank their hand when they goof it up... HA HA