Gathered Flower Tutorial

When I posted about this necklace....
There was a lot of interest in how I made the cream, more poofy, flower.  It really is super simple and very similar to the rolled rose technique (easier I think!).

You will need a strip of stain, silk, any fabric like that about 2.5 inches wide by at least 12-18 inches long.  The longer your strip the larger your flower.  You will see the one I made for this tutorial is a bit smaller because my fabric wasn't all that long.
Alright, so fold your fabric in half the long way.
With your favorite glue (hot or fabric, I use fabri-tac), dab some glue along the bottom raw edges and start to gather and coil your strip.
Run a longer line of glue across the bottom and continue to gather your strip as you coil around the center you just created.
Bunch and turn, bunch and turn, tacking with glue as you go until you reach the end.
Again, my strip of fabric was shorter for this tutorial than my original flower was.  The bottom of your flower should be a bit of a hot mess.
Tack down any loose bits.  This one made it's way onto a really fun, bright headband for my niece who has a birthday this weekend!  I've been a hair accessory making machine the last couple days (not a procrastinator, just short notice on the party). Can't wait to show you all the cute things I've been making, and share a tutorial for the sweetest (if I do say so myself) Easter Bunny headband!  So loving it.  I will have all that up next week.  Have a great weekend!


  1. This is great. I love it that you don't judge the "hot mess" at the end. Just add more glue and paste it to a head band. Done. Brilliant.

  2. love this! thanks for sharing!! :)

  3. Thanks for the tutorial...this is really cute and I can't wait to make one :)

  4. Cute! Looks easy enough for even me to do! Thanks for all your great ideas! You inspire me! :)

  5. I'm visiting from Tatertots and Jello and I'm inlove with all your projects! So cool!! And this fabric necklace is soooo pretty! Thanks for sharing!