Color Inspiration

If you visit my Pinterest boards you will see one called "Pretty things to inspire".  This is where I put things that catch my eye, usually for the colors in the image.  I used to use a website to pull colors from images, I love that it tells you exactly what code each color is.  The problem with that was that you had no control over which colors were pulled from the image, it chooses for you.  But if you don't have photoshop or PSE, the website is a great resource for you to try this out.  If you DO have one of these programs, skip your excited little butt over to The CoffeShop Blog and get this template (it's FREE!).   You will thank me, because now you can CHOOSE which colors to pull out of the images, but I warn you, it's addictive.
All of the images I've shown as my examples here are from sources that are linked on my Pinterest board.  Go there if you want to see the original source. Next time your looking for a color palette, find an image that calls to you, it's probably the colors that your drawn to!


  1. Thanks for sharing that!

  2. mmm, I want to sleep in that bed!
    it's so fun and beautiful and rustic...yum!

  3. Thank you! I've seen a few of these pictures with the colours below and wondered how they created them, and now you've shared your secret! I want to redo my blog design and have been wondering how to identify the colours in a picture I have...

  4. Lovely colours!!! I might just try this myself.
    Thanks for sharing.