Whipped Cream Alternative

To me there are few things better than whipped cream out of a can.  Yeah I said it, A CAN! Despite the dirty looks my grandma gives me every time I turn my nose up at her real hand made whipped cream and reach for that beautiful sleek can of goodness, I love the stuff.  This recipe does not even come close to the goodness of canned cream people, but..... if your looking for a healthier alternative, or something fun for the kids it's worth giving a try.  You MUST however like bananas, because no matter how much flavoring you put in it, it still tastes like bananas.  Here's why-

2 large ripe bananas
3 tsp sugar
2 egg whites
flavoring (optional) any extract you enjoy, make sure it goes well with banana flavor! 

Chill your bowl and bananas, use cold eggs and whip everything together on high.  Whip until fluffy, do not over whip or everything will start to melt.  Once you see it's fluffed up, your golden.
It was really to light to put between these cookies, but it looked so pretty I couldn't resist.  Plus it was fun for the kids to have some on a cookie rather than frosting (do you get I'm not a frosting person yet, I seem to keep mentioning it).  I did not put any flavoring in the cream shown, it has a wonderful buttery color to it.  I did try some chocolate extract in another batch, turned a not so beautiful brown, and still tasted like banana. But I like banana, and I liked this alternative.  Especially as a fun dip for the kids to dip other fruits in.  I think I will try it with a grape/nut salad mix, you know the kind that is normally loaded with whipped cream.