♥My Mini Oven ♥

You may have noticed I've been in the kitchen a lot more lately than normal.  It's no coincidence that I just got a new mini oven from CSN stores.  Right now I'm operating in a temporary kitchen where, up until my new mini oven, I was trying to bake in a pizza oven or my TINY toaster oven.  Every time I tried to bake something more than two inches tall the tops would burn (or worse, start on fire!).  What a pain.  I wasn't making cookies with the kids much because I could only bake one pan at a time.  It wasn't working for anyone.

You guys know I work with CSN stores from time to time testing out all the great things they offer.  Well this time I decided to test out their kitchen appliance section and ordered this little gem.
It's the Hamilton Beach convection counter top oven.  Let me just say, I'm in love.  There are two racks in it so I can bake two sheets of cookies (or two whole frozen pizzas) at once! Those cute little heart cookies from yesterday's post... yep, made them in here! It's the perfect size for my little space.  The glass door is a feature I didn't even know I wanted until the first time I used it and realized how amazingly useful it is!  You can see into this better than I can see into a real oven! Which means I don't have to open the door (letting all the heat out) a million times to check my food.

I've used the oven multiple times a day every day since I got it and I could not be happier.  We've made pizzas, giant cupcakes (seriously, they're huge, and the tops actually had room to rise), chicken, lasagna, fresh baked bread, several batches of heart cookies, you get the picture, it's an oven.  You can cook an entire chicken (or small turkey) in here!  It broils (and comes with two pans and a broiling rack).  There is also a rotisserie version of the oven if your into that sort of thing.  

Not only does it do everything a large oven can do, but it heats up faster and uses less electricity.  Have something that needs to cook at two different temps?  Use this in addition to your normal oven.  Or if you have something small to heat up or bake that you don't need a huge oven for.  I will continue to use this oven even when we move out of our temporary kitchen.  I'm smitten.

Why I love to shop at CSN stores..... There were a lot of different options when I decided to try out a mini oven.  How did I narrow it down?  Well there was one brand I ruled out right away, just because I don't care for the brand in anything they make (sorry). Hamilton Beach is a name I trust and they seemed to have the best options so I compared all the HB options.  Lucky for me CSN stores allows their customers to review the products right on their website.  It even makes it easier for me to read by having a pros and cons section right at the top of each review.  The mini oven I chose had a customer rating of 4.8 (out of 5) stars.  I read each review and ordered with confidence.

The stock status at the time said "unknown".  Usually you can see exactly how many of each product they have (which I love).  I was afraid it was going to take a while for my oven to arrive with this unknown status.  No such problem, with FREE shipping I had my oven in less than a week!  I was thrilled.

Thank you CSN stores for continuing to make me a happy customer.   I'm off to bake!  Catch you later.


  1. awesome idea for all of those NYC studio's out there...I remember the days, this would have come in handy BIG TIME!!!


  2. It's kinda cute too! LOL Never thought I would say THAT about an oven.