Knee Socks to Toddler Tights

First off I have to give credit where credit is due.  I saw this idea on Thrive, she has a tutorial on how to make woman's knee socks into tights for girls (if your child is older, hop on over to her tutorial for a larger version than the one I'm making here) oddly enough we used the exact same socks, total coincidence.  Since my child is a bit younger I had to modify my version a bit so I will share a tutorial with you for the toddler size.  Thanks for the inspiration Thrive!

What you need-
Pair or woman's knee high socks, mine were like two bucks at Target
Old leggings or tights (or child size boxer briefs)
Sewing machine
Child's foot

First you will need to turn your socks inside out and put them on your child's foot.  Line the child's heel up in the heel of the sock and mark where the toe ends.  With that mark as your guide, cut the toe of the sock off mimicking the round curve of the original toe. Sew the new toe shut.
Cut the legs off your old leggings or tights just below the crotch.  If you don't have old leggings or tights that you are willing to sacrifice, child size boxer briefs would work perfect!
Trim the top band off each sock, the part that would go around your knee.  

Turn your socks right side out and your your leggings inside out. Insert a sock into each leg hole (right sides together) making sure to point the toes of the socks to the front of the leggings. Pin and sew around with a zig zag stitch.

Turn the whole thing right side out again and voila! Tights for your little one.

I was completely surprised that the feet of the socks weren't way to wide for my two year old, but the heal fits perfectly and they turned out adorable! The length of the legs and the stretch of sock material even gives her some room to grow!


  1. Giggling here.. these are so adorable.


  2. Taylor,
    The toddler version of these tights rocks! I'm sharing this on Thrive FB today with a link back to your post. So cute (and adorable little girl, too!)

  3. What a fantastic idea! I am so going to have to pass this on to my sister who has an almost 2 year old. Love this!


  4. omgosh crazy cool!
    Can't wait to do it tomorrow!

  5. Genius! My kids are almost grown so I'll have to wait for grandchildren!

  6. the little blonde girl is precious! even my hubbie thought she was a doll!
    oh, love the project, too:)

  7. Awe, thanks Laura! She's my little spitfire. Sometimes I catch myself taking more pictures of her than the boys because she can be such a ham.


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