Kid's underwear sewing pattern

I feel like my life is going to be all about potty training for the next couple of years.  I have one who's almost out of pull ups and two that are about to start their training.  I HATE potty training.  I was going to do it without pull ups (because Super Nanny doesn't like them and I'm a big fan of Super Nanny, she's pretty much the only person who I will take parenting advice from because I'm stubborn like that). BUT... after going through an entire package of underwear in a day (or half a day) I gave in and got the pull ups.  Anyway, I"m getting off track.

The point here, was you can never have enough kid's underwear and I don't like to spend a lot of money on something that may get tossed int he garbage from a bad accident (because I have a sensitive gag reflex and soiled underpants are high on my gag list).  I knew there were a lot of sew your own underwear tutorials out there but I didn't think I could do it, until I saw this tutorial at Kitschy Coo on etsy.  It's the easiest pattern I've seen and sews up really quickly.

The pattern (as you can see above) uses very few pieces so it really cuts down on the sewing (and time!).  And get this, it uses old t-shirts! (or you can use new knit fabric if you prefer).  I started with a plain T to test the pattern out but I'm really looking forward to using the kid's shirts (with their favorite characters) they they have outgrown.  That huge pile of outgrown kids clothes now have a whole new purpose!  Not to mention I'm now able to put characters on them that are hard to find (like Bullseye from Toy Story, my son really likes him and it's hard to find anything, let alone underpants, with that horse on them) with a bit of iron on transfer and a white shirt!

The quality of your finished product will of course depend on the quality of the fabric you use.  I plan on only using nice, soft, shirts.  The underwear are unisex and provide room for boys while not being to baggy on girls.  This pattern is for sizes 2-6 so you will get your moneys worth of use from it.

You don't need any special equipment.  She suggests a serger if you have one, but it's not required and I don't know how to use mine yet so I used a plain old sewing machine and it turned out great.  I will be learning to use my serge machine so that I can really whip through these babies!

I had just gotten a bleach pen (have you seen all the fun bleach pen projects out there lately?) and when I asked Hudson what he wanted on his new undies he said a paper air plane.  I scratched my head for a second then remembered the bleach pen, perfect opportunity to try it out!  Well, it failed.
There was a big air bubble in the pen when I was drawing the plane :(  So I ended up with this....
BUT I plan on going over it with some fabric paint and all will be forgiven.  Either way, I will never have to buy a pair of store undies for the kids again!

Also from Kitschy Coo, how cute is this jacket!
Just sayin.  I think it's adorable!  Pattern in my size please!!!

You can also check out the Kitschy Coo blog for sewing inspiration here.


  1. I've been down the same road of giving in to the pull-ups. I feel like I just get one trained and then we start over...we've got one trained, one in the process and one to start in two years. One thing about making your own undies for potty training is that you can sew in extra material so there are less puddles on the floor to clean up!

  2. i'm glad i'm not the only one who opts for throwing out the mess sometimes. i used to feel guilty about it... but it was better than rummaging for a bag or something while we were out.. (we have one that refuses to go in public at 6, and doesn't always make it home)

    once i get up the courage to sew.. i may have to make some of these!

    i also gave up on the bleach pen. nothing ever turned out 'solid' so to speak. the few things i've attempted after that, i've done with pen nubs you can get from the craft store.. just squirt the pen into a little dish & then use the pen nib to pick up some of the liquid. it takes a little longer, but it's a much crisper image! :)

  3. You'll love the serger - once you try it, you'll be hooked! This is coming from a girl who used to be afraid of the serger.

  4. I will have to check out some other crafts using a bleaching pen. Sounds really cool. The kiddie undies turned out very cute!

  5. What a great idea to use bleach on undies! I can't wait for number three to get to that stage. I'll be trying this out for him. I was able to use bleach successfully by using freezer paper stencil and bleach in a spray bottle. I was surprised by the crisp results. I did it on knit fabric too! here's the link...


  6. Ahhhh! Thank you! This is JUST the advice I was looking for! I will pop over and buy the pattern right away. My son himself hates potties and everything to do with them. We've been reading all kinds of books about how great underpants are and I have been interviewing him daily about what he wants to have on his Big Kid Underpants.
    Submarines, jellyfish, dinosaurs and sea lions.
    Yep. I will have to make them.

  7. I cannot see the pictures!!! :(((((( I would love to make these. Can somebody help me? Thanks