Today I'm 28

Good morning friends.  I've been laid out with the flu so not much crafting going on in my world, but today is my 28th birthday so I thought I would share some things about me, 28 things of course!

This might be harder than I thought...
  1. I've collected rubber stamps since I was a kid.  Something Galoshes started for me and I love.
  2. I'm a minimalist
  3. I'm allergic to raspberries, but nothing else, very odd.
  4. I got my first motorcycle when I was 8 years old
  5. I learned to drive a vehicle (manual truck) at age 6 on our 40 acre farmette
  6. I've had about every pet you can imagine including a duckling for a while
  7. When I ran into my 1st grade art teacher (who I did not remember) at 24 she recognized me and remembered that I was really good at art.  That still baffles me.
  8. I always said I was going to have two boys and a girl, in that order, and I did. I'm pretty sure I even put it in my wedding program.
  9. My first date with my husband was on my 18th birthday, which means this makes 10 years for us!
  10. I love my family life, but had I not met my husband I would probably be in London right now, I'm pretty sure I was supposed to be born there.
  11. In high school everyone said I looked like Reece Witherspoon, a drunk guy even once asked for my autograph. 
  12. I love going to the movie theater, even if it is a rip off.
  13. I love roller coasters! The bigger and scarier the better
  14. I'm constantly rearranging.... EVERYTHING
  15. I was graduating college magma cum laud, until they told me that, then I realized I could do less and still graduate.  I was barely doing anything as it was.  I ended up graduating with honors on the deans list.
  16. I changed my name when I was 16, legally.  My birth name was Heather, I hated it.  Not so much the name, but that there were 5 other Heathers everywhere I went.  
  17. I joined the army at 17, you can read all about it at Dear MaryJanes
  18. I'm a pretty quiet person, until I feel strongly about something
  19. I would love to be a real photographer someday
  20. I did something different every year of school, volleyball, cheer leading, managing, tutoring, you name it I did it, once. 
  21. I don't have favorites, no favorite movie, food, color... there are just to many great things out there to have favorites.  Okay, so coffee ice cream is the exception :)
  22. I get really upset by people who do not have good manners.  There are lots of good etiquette books out there, if your clueless READ THEM! 
  23. I love popcorn
  24. My favorite wine is Mascato d'asti...... okay so I have SOME favorites
  25. I have a strong feeling I will die a very violent death.... no idea why, just always have
  26. I told Galoshes I was pregnant before I told my husband (he was at work with no way to reach him)
  27. My lucky number is 4
  28. I LOVE quotes.  Sucker for typography
whew!  Thanks for stopping by on my birthday!  I'll be crafting again soon, when I'm 100% well, I think the kids are starting to get it today :(


  1. Happy Birthday! Hope you feel better soon! =)

  2. HAPPY birthday, Taylor! It was fun learning a little more about you! Hope that flu passes quickly! XO

  3. Happy Birthday. Great list. A lot of unique cool things. I can't believe you changed your name. That's cool. Anyhow, I hope you're feeling better soon!

  4. Happy Birthday! Hope you feel better soon and that the kiddos don't get sick!

  5. Happy Birthday! I have come to you via Cooper and Lola. I am a crafter too. Hope to get to know you better.
    Helen x
    PS I have a crafty challenge on my blog if you are interested at the moment.

  6. Happy Birthday Mamma! Didn't know it but we totally have the same fav' wine!! Sorry to hear you've been under the weather. We've been nursing the flu here too :( no fun to spend your Birthday sick.

  7. Happy Happy Birthday! I hope your day is wonderful and that you feel better soon.

  8. Happy Birthday! You're so young!

  9. Happy Birthday!! :) Hope you have an amazing day... {we'll be the same age for the next 2 months... then I take a big step toward 30! ugh}

  10. Happy Birthday girl...I hope you feel better soon.

  11. Happy Birthday Pretty Girl! I love your new look on the blog. Ppl tell me I look like Reese Witherspoon too! Weirdest place I heard it was during a c-section. But no requests for autographs! lol Hope you feel better and enjoy your day! 28 is pretty awesome..30 sucks! :)

  12. Happy Birthday Taylor! I hope you have a fantastic day! You deserve it - you rock!

  13. Great list! Happy Birthday!! AND hope you feel better soon!!

  14. Happy Birthday!!
    Hope you are back in full force soon! then~
    Eat Lot's of Cake!
    Love your list of 28!

  15. Happy happy birthday! Enjoy your special day!

  16. Happy Birthday! We share the same birthday, yay for Capricorns! Have a wonderful day!

  17. Happy Birthday - hope you had a fab day and feel 100% again soon!


  18. A very happy birthday to you! Today is my son's first birthday. What a special day.

  19. I too just got over a bout of something awful, I hope you feel better soon. With twin boys another boy and a little girl I always trying to stay creative and motivated. You are quite a bit younger than I and are setting a good example for me to stick with it. Happy Birthday to you.

  20. Happy, happy birthday!!!

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  22. For your birthday, a quote by Henri Matisse:
    "To know what you prefer, instead of humbly saying 'Amen' to what this world tells you you ought to prefer, is to keep your soul alive."
    Happy, Happy 2*8*

  23. I hope you're feeling better soon. It's no fun to be sick - and especially on your birthday. I have been poking around on your blog. You're very creative and I enjoy your tutorials. You make it seem as if even someone like ME could do this crafty stuff.... Thanks so much for sharing!!!

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